Analysis Of Franklin 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

Analysis Of Franklin 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Franklin meets a new friend named William Wygate, and Wygate asks if Franklin wants to travel through Europe with him. Franklin asks Mr. Denham, a Quaker, who is also his friend about this plan, and Denham tells Franklin to return to Philadelphia. Franklin then talks Denham and how he was a businessman who owed people money, but successfully paid everyone back.
He starts to sail back to America in the year 1726. When he arrives in Philadelphia, he finds out that many things has changed. He finds out how his Deborah was engaged, and possibly married to someone named Rogers, who was a potter, within the time of Franklin’s departure, however she was never happy with Rogers, and he ran away in the late 1720s as he got into debt. He ran away to the West Indies and died there.
Franklin finds out that Keimer is much more successful than before, yet he still continues to work with Mr. Denham. They don’t work for long as they catch a deadly disease also known as pleurisy. Pleurisy is a disease which causes pain when breathing, much harsher than pneumonia. Franklin is lucky to survive this disease, however Mr. Denham wasn’t. Franklin, only having a few options, goes with the best one and starts working for Keimer again. There is controversies that Keimer only ends up using Franklin due to his skills to teach the other colleagues the skills which Franklin attains – for the sake of Keimer’s business. After a while, Keimer and Franklin gets into an argument and Franklin quits. Keimer then rehires Franklin again in Burlington as a job of printing money. He is only hired due to his amazing talent for printing.
Franklin soon leaves Keimer’s job along with his friend Hugh Meredith. They start their own new business, and both have trouble payi...

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...rame and afterwards. Franklin couldn’t finish his autobiography because he passed away before finishing it.
Franklin’s autobiography leaves many in question and aspiration to attempt to achieve perfection. Dover’s version of the autobiography is indeed a primary source. One way one can tell so is by reading until the very end where his work is left unfinished. My favorite part of this autobiography was how Franklin inspired me to become a better and greater person. For every second I waste doing irrational stuff, I could be doing something useful, like learning something new. His autobiography taught me that life is short and that without putting your life to success, there is no point to living. It saddens me that Franklin couldn’t finish his autobiography, however, I’m glad that such a man lived in our history. Perhaps life wouldn’t be the same without Franklin.

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