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Analysis Of "Frankenstein" Essay

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The title, Frankenstein (or the Modern Prometheus), applies to the protagonist of the story, Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The subtitle, the Modern Prometheus, dates back to ancient Greek Mythology, where a character, Prometheus, stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. In this case, Prometheus is Victor, with similarities being, that they both stole something from Godly figures (Victor stealing the power of life from God) and the fact that they both gave it to those forbidden to obtain it (Victor giving life to the dead). The story takes off in a construction of epistolary form (through letters), with Captain Walton (an English explorer surveying the polar regions of the far north) informing his sister in England about his mission, which was interrupted by the sea being covered in impassable ice. By creating an epistolary opening, Mary Shelley has allowed her story to link in with the fact that letters were the inconvenient way of communicating during her generation, and for this reason creating horror by giving the story a terrifyingly realistic ambience and raising the question of “Could this have happened in real life?” While they wait for the ice to crack, Walton and his crew encounters Victor, who tells him the story of Victor’s creation. He mentions his early life in Geneva, his adopted sister, Elizabeth, his mother’s death and friend, Henry Clerval, whom he goes to the University of Ingolstadt with. There, he creates the creature out of old body parts, and soon bringing his creation to life. Nevertheless, he is soon sickened by what he has done, and returns to Geneva only to find out that his younger brother was murdered by the creature. As revenge for the death of his brother, Victor sets off to destroy the creature, only...

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......” meaning that these figures dominate his mind and, because they are of older existence, may be hinting that Victor sticks to the more traditional views of science. Hence, it’s being a romantic. In addition, there is also Victor’s constant regression; he is over-powered by his emotions to commit acts depending on how he feels such the decision to reanimate Elizabeth. However, referring back to the creature, it appears to be that he is gaining certain qualities of a child, supporting Victor’s motherly representation; he teaches himself to read, he is need of love and he is hurt by resentment. Not only is does this imply that the creature has characteristics of a sensitive person, but it is bearing in mind the romantic ideals of childhood. Likewise, the little details, such as the wild settings of the arctic and the mountains, are all evidence of a romantic touch.

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