Analysis Of ' Frankenstein ' And ' The Monster ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Frankenstein ' And ' The Monster ' Essay

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Women are the ones seen as the piece of nature that brings new life into this world. Females are the ones that give birth and nurture the baby. Mary’s mother had passed away in the process of giving birth to her, and for that she had felt a sense of guilt because she was ultimately the cause to her mother’s death. Back in the day there were a lot of deaths related to birth due to the lack of knowledge from doctors. In all the different versions of Frankenstein, the monster that is created does not have a mother, only a father. The significance of this story is the idea you can change the reproductive organs of women and not necessarily need women anymore in order to give birth. Mary had background knowledge with science and a high interest in galvanism. Galvanism is “the action of a muscle contracting after being stimulated by an electrical current, and also inducing an electrical current during a chemical reaction.” (Galvanism in Frankenstein). Life can be destroyed and recreated. Mary is showing her emotions through Victor.
Victor Frankenstein pictured himself as a God if he were to bring a human to life, just as if God had created Adam. This creature did not turn out as a successful experiment because not one single person has the authority nor power that our godly father does. “A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind, and never to allow passion or a transitory desire to disturb his tranquility” (Shelly, M). Technology has vastly improved over the years, and one day there may be a point and time where a creation of a beating heart will be possible. Back in the day doctors did not have near the amount of knowledge that we do today, and there was a lot of birth related mortalities, weather...

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...have been better morals to this creature. Feelings are a piece of you that develop with time, and he didn’t have many feelings that made him care for others. The monster was very bright, but did not know the difference between right and wrong. This idea touched in the fact that women serve a role in the learning process to their children. Back in the day it was the women who stayed home to take care of their kids, while the men worked to supply an income to care for the family.
Life on earth today is apprehended during opposite-sexed relationships. The mother plays a role as the one who nurtures the infant from pregnancy till delivery. Victor tried stimulating muscles and the human body through the use of electrical currents to create a way of bringing life into this world. Frankenstein was writing as a way for Mary Shelley to express her feelings about her mother.

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