Analysis Of Frank Stockton 's ' The Lady Or The Tiger '

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This short narrative is more of a tale rather than a story because there is no dialogue; no one speaks to the reader, but the narrator. The narrator knows the story, but people can sense, the he is not there himself. He knows more than what meets the eye. In Frank Stockton’s short story called “The Lady or the Tiger” which was published in 1882 and still has remained an exciting and puzzling ideal that is still practiced today. This type of ending is strange and gives the reader full control to finish the story in their own mind, thus causing much controversy and debate over the topic. In the story, “The Lady or the Tiger”, when a man is convicted of a crime, he is placed in an arena, with hundreds of people watching, and he has to choose one of two doors. The first door has a beautiful lady behind it that he will later on marry. Then behind the second door has a ferocious tiger behind it that will maul him to death. The king leaves his decision up to fate because if he is not guilty, he will get the lady. But, if he is guilty of his crime, then he will die. One day the king found out that his daughter was in love with a courtier. The king decided to use his double-door method to punish the courtier of the crime that he committed. A day before the ceremony, the princess used the strength of her will and a lot of gold to find out which door the lady would be behind and which door the tiger would be behind. As she found out, she saw the lady that the courtier would marry and was very jealous of her; the lady had been seen talking to the courtier on the occasion. The princess’ jealousy was a tormented, constant pain in her thoughts. The princess had also imagined the courtier being torn about by the tiger which was a highly unplea... ... middle of paper ... ...that if a lover is alive then either they have to be together or no one else can call said lover theirs. By observing the piece with a more critical mindset that acknowledges the story’s importance into the way that the reader thinks that true love and sacrifice has to offer.We see that the princess needed to settle her emotions along with wanting justice like her father,that the story says that they have much in common, also she was somewhat barbaric to begin with as well. She did not want to suffer through everyday knowing that her lover is with someone else and has a constant reminder of what his fate would be. On the other hand, she would use her dad’s semi barbaric ways, then she would not be phased by seeing her lover mauled to death by a tiger and will eventually fade out of her memories over time. The princess’ choice is clear: The tiger was behind the door.

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