Analysis Of ' Flowers For Algernon ' By Daniel Keyes Essay

Analysis Of ' Flowers For Algernon ' By Daniel Keyes Essay

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Relationships between people are important to maintain. During one’s lifetime, these relationships will change for the better or worse. In the novel, Flowers for Algernon, the author, Daniel Keyes, presents a change in the main character’s relationship with many people. Charlie Gordon, a 32 years old man who is mentally disabled takes the risk of undergoing a surgery that will make him intelligent. As Charlie’s intelligence increases, he finds out a lot about himself and becomes a different person. He learns the meaning of love, and experiences this newfound feeling with Alice Kinnian. Charlie’s teacher at Beekman College for Retarded Adults, Miss Kinnian, is one of the only people who is concerned and genuinely cares about him. When they part ways, Charlie meets his neighbour Fay Lillman to whom he is physically attracted. The decisions he takes with Fay make him get haunting memories of his mother Rose Gordon. His abusive mother punishes him for not being a normal person and having sexual thoughts. Three characters with whom Charlie Gordon’s relationships change throughout the novel are Alice Kinnian, Fay Lillman and Rose Gordon.
At the beginning of the novel, Charlie Gordon sees Alice Kinnian as just his teacher but over time he begins to develop romantic feelings for her. Before the operation it is Miss Kinnian who suggests the experiment to Charlie seeing that he is eager to learn. She is one of the only people who is concerned about him and wants to help him achieve his dream. Once Charlie 's intelligence starts increasing, he starts developing feelings for Alice and along the way falls in love with her. However, the old Charlie that is in his mind does not let him have sexual thoughts about her and make love to her: “ ‘I l...

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...Kinnian and does not refer to her as only his teacher anymore. Fay Lillman, who is the complete opposite of Alice goes out drinking and dancing with Charlie frequently; they become more intimately closer as Charlie’s intelligence increases. However, their relationship falters and Fay leaves him when he starts acting very differently around her. Charlie 's mother wants to help him fit in, her only wish at first is to have a normal child; therefore, she tries to change him. When Norma, her normal child is born, she does not care about Charlie anymore and tries to get rid of him. Charlie 's relationship with these three characters changes immensely as his intelligence increases and decreases. As life goes on, one will gain and lose friends, as well as family members. The circumstances in which people find themselves can change and evolve one’s relationships with others.

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