Analysis of Flavios Home by Gordon Parks Essay

Analysis of Flavios Home by Gordon Parks Essay

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In the article “Flavios Home ” , Gordon Parks talks of how Flavio, a 12 year old living in poverty and experiencing the harsh times that comes with it has to take care of his brothers and sisters. Throughout the essay one can see various impressions brought out by Gordon parks rhetorical strategies. Gordon Parks wrote the essay as a way to reach out to the government and other policy makers in the country as a way of urging them to try and urge them to try and improve the lives of the people living in the slums such as the one Flavio was living in.
Sent out to write an article about fathers and poverty, and the effect it had on the dreams and aspirations of the lives of the fathers, Parks runs into Flavio de Silva, a 12 year old boy who looked skinny and a bit malnourished. Although the main assignment he had been sent out to do was on fathers and poverty, Parks felt that Flavio said a tone more about poverty than a dozen fathers ever could. Falvios physical appearance alone said much more than words ever could. Parks tries to use contrast to try and emphasize just how different life was for the rich whose spacious houses were situated not so far where the drainage system barely worked and where people did not even have source for clean water. From the article, one can easily imagine the times before when racism was highly rampant as in a way the people during those harsh times were also disadvantaged and unable to fight back for their rights.
Gordon Parks born in 1912, lived through a life of racism and poverty in his life. He had to go through a lot in his life before he got to where he was so he had an idea how unfair society actually was. He felt lucky as compared to Flavio was in turn arose the feeling of emp...

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...ll turn around. It also gives them motivation to even work harder if at all they ever hope to make it out of the situation they are living in.
Gordon Parks on meeting Flavio feels a lot of pity for the boy as he can easily relate to the situation. Parks sees himself in the boy. The in turn is what in turn forces him the harsh angry tone in order to pass his message across. He hopes that through this the intended audience can actually get the severity of the situation and actually do something about it. Throughout the article we see a lot of personification and imagery which seems effective in giving the readers a clear image of how bad the situation really is. The imagery also helps Parks ensures that the reader is easily able to picture what the slums is really like and the reader feels like he is in the real world and actually experiencing the situation himself.

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