Essay on Analysis Of Financial Services Project Management

Essay on Analysis Of Financial Services Project Management

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McBride Financial Services Project Management
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Establishing and staffing eight new offices of McBride Financial Services is a significant project that will require proper planning and management. Given that the offices to be established are virtual, advanced technological tools will be required to ensure successful running of the offices while maintaining smooth communication. For every project to be successful there must be strong leadership, appropriate planning using management tools and processes as well as techniques for projects implementation (Pritchard, 2004). Identification of project sponsorship, analysis of stakeholders, managing communication between project teams and checking on quality standards will be given more weight and done during the early stages of the project to deliver better results.
Analysis of stakeholders
Identification of stakeholders who will be responsible for undertaking the project is an initial stage in project management. The essence of this task is to identify stakeholders who will be actively involved in this project and fix those who are likely to sabotage the project at later stages of the project. My team will consist of the project sponsor, who in this case will be Mc Bridge Financial Services Company top executives as well as board of directors. The role of the sponsor will be to authorize the project as well as signing the project charter (Eskerod, & Jepsen, 2013). The next step will be to appoint the project manager from my team whose responsibility is to oversee the implementation of the project. Project management team will be responsible for undertaking project tasks as allocated by the project management. Other key stakeholders w...

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...tion of the results (Kerzner, 2001). Project management team will apply quality improvement techniques throughout the project and project team members will be free to give recommendations with regards to ways of improving quality. It is worth noting that the quality team and project team will use the already existing quality standards of McBride Financial Services organization in documenting quality management plan for the project.
In conclusion, delivery of a quality project that meets McBride Financial Services expectations will require effort, time and commitment from the sponsor who will be responsible for signing the charter for the project, project manager to lead the project team and the stakeholders to support the project. With involvement of all these players, the establishment of the proposed 8 offices of McBride Financial Services will be a worthy project.

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