Analysis Of Feagin 's Reading Has A Wealth Of Information About The Origin And Continuation Of The White Racial Frame

Analysis Of Feagin 's Reading Has A Wealth Of Information About The Origin And Continuation Of The White Racial Frame

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Feagin’s reading has a wealth of information about the origin and continuation of the white racial frame. Much of the information was a refresher for me, yet other information and key points bought to light things I never gave much thought to. For example, I am a strong Christian women with deep religious roots passed down through generations. I was raised in the church as were my parents and their parents and so forth. In the reading, Feagin explains how Christianizing Negros, whom he describes as “creatures” and “barbarians,” will make them willing to work harder for slavemasters and keep them from “magical conversations” with the devil. This got me thinking. At that time slaves could not read and write, which means their spirituality was based on what was told to them. Feagin also explained that situations and events were changed to suit the white racial frame. The current bible I study from was printed by man. What if things were added or extracted. I believe in God and I’m not confused about my spirituality or faith. Fortunately I am not a victim of being misled by what the word of God says, but I do know people who were told that if they did certain things (because God sees everything you do) God was going to get them. In saying that, I wonder if those types of sayings and thoughts were passed down directly from the white racial frame of thought as they were relayed to slaves.
Another great point in Feagin’s book refers to American Independence. Like any other American I celebrate it every year with fireworks and cookouts. What I didn’t give thought to, was the fact that it was not really my peoples independence that was won. I knew that the slaves helped to build America, but it was several decades later when African Ameri...

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...ighting for their child’s education, they just contribute to the problem by allowing them to stay home. There is a New Jim Crow true enough and it is real, however people of color are not doing enough in the home to combat it. There would be less incarceration of young people of color if the community pulls together to help. We want to take a “not my problem” “not my business attitude” when we see these kids acting out, and then when something tragic happens we want to pull together and march and protest. How about a proactive intervention before it gets to that point.
Feagin talks about passing along the counter-frame. Like I stated earlier, as long as society dwells on race according to color instead of the human race, we will never get to a colorblind society. Instead of looking at President Obama as a black role model, why not look at him as a successful man.

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