Analysis Of ' Falsehood Flies And The Truth ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Falsehood Flies And The Truth ' Essay

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Jonathan Swift said it well, “Falsehood flies and the truth comes limping along after; so that when men come to be undeceived it is too late: the jest is over and the tale has had its effect.” This is true of the anti-vaccination movement that has grown exponentially over the past decade. There are a few prominent voices, Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Andrew Wakefield who have led the movement to both empower but also frighten parents from vaccinating their children due to possible illnesses. The most common claim is that vaccinations cause autism. Dr. Wakefield, along with several co-authors reported as an academic researcher in a London Journal the Lancet in February 1998, published an article criticizing the MMR vaccine after 12 anonymous children became ill with a brain disorder and enterocolitis and were hospitalized. It attracted media attention worldwide and Dr. Wakefield was wise in how he publically presented the topic. He toured worldwide autism conventions and gave press conferences encouraging breaking the MMR up into three separate vaccines given at yearly intervals. He created an overwhelming movement that resulted in the immunization rates in England dropping below necessary levels to keep Measles at bay (Deer). Brian Deer was a reporter assigned to investigate the crisis. He found that Wakefield had been secretly paid to create evidence against the vaccine and, while planning extraordinary business schemes meant to profit from the scare, he had concealed, misreported and changed information about the children to rig the results published in the journal (Deer). Richard Barr, a lawyer in England had contracted Wakefield to attack the MMR vaccine two years prior to the 12 patients’ falling ill. The motive was to raise a cla...

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...removing personal exemption from the public school system that science is trying to change the political agenda of the Dr. Wakefield scandal. It will take some time but with large states like California starting to make changes the trend should continue throughout the country. New technology with the Nanopatch will revolutionize the way immunizations are given and make them more accessible and cheaper than ever before. Diseases that killed and maimed so easily in the past can be controlled through herd immunity. Collectively, we should choose to not return again to times when families lost most or all of their children to one disease. Third world countries will start to enjoy the benefits from herd immunity with mass inoculation programs. Communities around the world can finally reap the benefits of medical research and break through medications that can save lives.

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