Analysis Of ' Fahrenheit 451 ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Fahrenheit 451 ' Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 is a novel that was written based on a dystopian society. It begins to explain how society copes with the government through conformity. Most of the characters in this story, for example: Mildred, Beatty, and the rest, start to conform to the government because it is the culture they had grown up in. Individuality is not something in this society because it adds unneeded conflict between the characters. The government tries to rid of the individuality it may have. Individuality was shown in the beginning quite well by using Clarisse McClellan and Montag. Clarisse McClellan shows her individuality quite clearly, more towards Montag. After Montag has been living off conformity, he decided to start questioning the world and ends up becoming his own person as well.
When individuality is brought into a society, they can choose their aspects which they feel are needed for life whether it be good or bad. Clarisse McClellan shows a great example of individuality in the novel. She “liked to smell things and look at things, and sometimes stay up all night, walking and watching the sun rise” (Bradbury 5). Clarisse’s question and curiosity showed how different she was than the others. She was a great thinker and Montag thought this made her strange. While she was talking to Montag, she tells him “You 're not like the others. I 've seen a few; I know. When I talk, you look at me. When I said something about the moon, you looked at the moon, last night. The others would never do that. The others would walk off and leave me talking. Or threaten me”, she saw something in Montag that showed how he was willing to be like her, different (Bradbury 21).
Clarisse’s character is quite peaceful, She isn’t towards violence nor does she li...

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... does not cause any happiness like they had thought it would. They learned that conformity causes conflicts with each other. This leaves the readers with hope that there is still a way to get through society through individualism.
Individuality created conflict amongst others in the culture of the novel Fahrenheit 451. The only reason it did this is because the government was trying to demolish any person that tried to break the law. Individuality is not accepted in this novel because it gave the opportunity to question actions that were not sane or the right thing to do. For example, when Clarisse explains to Montag that people weren’t interesting with how they talked. With individuality, society is able to be what it wants to be. Fahrenheit 451 shows an idea of how individuality changes a society into viewing new things and how people are different from each other.

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