Analysis Of Face Down By The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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More Than Words Where words fail, music speaks. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus utilizes alternative rock and “speaks” to victims in and out of abusive relationships and the general public about domestic violence through their single “Face Down”. The band released their first album Don’t You Fake It in 2006. “Face Down” remains The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’s most successful single on Don’t You Fake It as of 2013. Throughout their music video “Face Down”, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus depicts aspects of domestic violence and the physical, mental, and social consequences of such abuse. They not only display the actions of domestic violence and its’ effects, but also aids in demonstrating the power women have to leave an abusive relationship. The band uses empowering lyrics and heart wrenching imagery to encourage its’ viewers to have a voice and take a stand against this growing social problem. In ‘Face Down”, a young woman arrives home from work and examines a bruise on her back inflicted by her abusive boyfriend. She begins to walk around her house and looks at objects she associates her boyfriend with. The young woman starts to reminisce about him, and flashbacks of his abuse slowly surround her. Objects around her suddenly start to move as if thrown or destroyed by her boyfriend. The young woman does not acknowledge the escalating violence around her. Towards the end of the music video, a chair is thrown through a window to symbolize the peak of her boyfriend’s abuse. She realizes she has had enough, and walks out the door, throwing away letters and pictures of her now ex-boyfriend. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus discusses different aspects of domestic violence in “Face Down”. The band symbolizes domestic violence’s everlastin... ... middle of paper ... ... a happy life and be treated with respect. When a victim decides to leave their abusive relationship, there are resources to help them rebuild their lives. There are domestic violence shelters, which provide a home and protection from their abuser. The shelters have more resources, such as counseling, legal help, and employment programs to help them get back on their feet. The Red Jumpsuit’s single, “Face Down” has the power to change lives. Through meaningful lyrics and powerful imagery, the band successfully incorporated information about domestic violence and its’ consequences. The band has empowered people in abusive relationships to escape and live better lives. They have proven that domestic violence is a growing social problem and everyone has the ability to break this dangerous cycle. “Face Down” has touched people’s heart and saved thousands of lives.

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