Essay about Analysis Of Ender Games, By Orson Scott Card

Essay about Analysis Of Ender Games, By Orson Scott Card

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Novels that have a great coming to age message and theme are always enjoyable reads and both Ender Games and Siddhartha display this theme. Ender Games, a science fiction novel that is authored by Orson Scott Card, is about a young boy named Andrew “Ender” Wiggin. Andrew Wiggin is chosen to lead the human race in a war against alien “buggers”, but it means leaving his family and training in outer space. During Andrew’s time in space, he faces many obstacles which forces him to grow up faster than normal people his age. Siddhartha, a fictional novel that is authored by Hermann Hesse, is about a boy named Siddhartha. This novel goes through Siddhartha’s life and it shows how he went from living a holy lifestyle to one full of sin and lust. After Siddhartha overcomes his sinful lifestyle, he spends his time with that friend that helps him to find himself and also assists him with becoming exalted. Both of these novels not only share similar themes but their protagonists are also very similar, but they also differ. Siddhartha and Andrew are both young children that leave their parent 's households, they both face multiple conflicts along their journeys, but they also have complexities that differ.
In the novel Siddhartha, Siddhartha is the central figure. Siddhartha’s character could be considered complex because the readers were able to see Siddhartha grow up over time, he overcame an addiction, and he is religious. As a young child, Siddhartha decides to leave his father’s home to become a Samana with is friend Govinda, but he realizes that he may be wasting his time by being with the Samanas. On their journey, Siddhartha loses Govinda after Govinda decides that he wants to become a monk so he then has to explore the world and re...

... middle of paper ... are both important characters that can be learned from. From Siddhartha’s experiences, readers can learn to stay true to their beliefs, materialistic items do not bring happiness, and the truth behind learning. Siddhartha learned that a person can not truly learn from being taught, they must experience and learn for themselves. From Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, readers can learn that the first opinion should not be violence or war, among other things. If Ender would have been more aware, he would have seen the signals that the buggers were sending him earlier and the final invasion could have been avoided. If he would have been less violent, he possibly would not have been afraid of going back to school and maybe he would have declined Colonel Graff’s offer to go to Battle School. Through these very complex and diverse characters, there are great messages to be learned.

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