Analysis Of Ellen Bryant Voigt 's ' Shadow Of Heaven ' Essay

Analysis Of Ellen Bryant Voigt 's ' Shadow Of Heaven ' Essay

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There’s not a women more important than a mom. From her you can learn lots of things or just an entire life. Ellen Bryant Voigt, a writer and a teacher, gets inspired mostly in nature, family, and music(PF). So “lesson” wasn 't an exception, it focused more in motherhood. Published in ellen’s book “shadow of heaven”. It is a narrative, but also a conversation poem. It shows a conversation between a mom and his/her son/daughter, but also some narrative, specially at the last stanza. This is a powerful poem, it brings a bittersweet feeling after you read it, probably more bitter than sweet. It first stars with a touchable feeling that it 's going to be a daily lesson from your mom, but then it turns out into a life lesson. It combines moms social life in the beginning by telling she was a teacher just ellen is and then in the second stanza her personal life by describing her cancer that caused her breast being taken away. The end is something to love because it shows all a mom or anyone can ask for and that is, support from your loved ones under any circumstances. A mom can teach many different lesson like having authority, strength, and compassion.
Every mom has its own ways to say what they want you to do. In this poem the mother is very impotent on what she wants. The narrator gives a very good examples in the first couple of lines like [“Would you like to" meant you would]. This is great example of authority she had. Not only as a mother, but as a women as well. Ellen makes seem like this women is someone you should not argued with and that she has the last word to any situation. Spending so many years teaching was probably an indicator that she could have being someone to look up to. Maybe that is how the author wanted to show...

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...t and pretty much making space for a new lesson by the mother, the teacher and the women.
At the end this is a really meaningful poem. It makes you realize how strong a woman is. I Believe that this is Ellen’s purpose with this poem. To show that no women is weak but also the power of a strong family relationship. Sydney Lea exposes something on her blog that it could explain some part of this poem “we are called upon to admire the sturdiness and lack of self-pity on the part of the recuperating parent, even as we may feel the degree to which those very qualities might have constituted longtime burdens for her child to bear”. This is completely true every lesson your parents teach you will be there for you the rest of your life wether is a good experience or bad like in the poem. It will make you tougher, but more prepared to the situations that still has to come.

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