Essay on Analysis Of Elizabeth And Hazel : Two Women Of Little Rock

Essay on Analysis Of Elizabeth And Hazel : Two Women Of Little Rock

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Racism through the years has provided places around the world with a shameful past that even today, racial reconciliation is still only in its beginning phase. Legends such as Rosa Park, Martin Luther king, and Malcolm X sacrificed their own life daily to pave a brighter future for America. However there is only so much people can do to change the ways of the world, the rest is up to the moral ethics of everyday citizens. The novel, Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock, makes me question society in the past and present. If today; years after racism was said to be over, two people can not move on from their horrid past, how is the rest of the world supposed to? Recent events have proven that racism still exists and will always exist until America as a whole forgives itself. It is true the worst is long gone and today the chasm is way narrower. However, new bridges have been formed. The story of Elizabeth and Hazel and their tragic friendship sadly represents the unmoving and perpetual racial relations in the United States. Nearly every person in America carries around a constant racial bias that subconsciously separates white people over black people in social, professional and educational settings.
Elizabeth and Hazel were two of the most famous women known for the picture that depicts racism clearly. Elizabeth is an African American scholarly student who was just trying to receive an education. Hazel was a white student who attacked Elizabeth with verbal abuse, as she made an attempt to attend the same school. Decades after the globalized picture was spread through America, Hazel the vicious white women apologized to the black martyr Elizabeth. Many questions arose about why she apologized but that should not really m...

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...actions or words.
No one is born racist, racism can only be taught. Hopefully one day adults can look at the world through the eyes of children and only see who a person truly is, rather than the color of their skin. The constant bias hanging on everyone 's shoulders is what is hurting the future of America. As humans we should acknowledge the biases within ourselves and self correct them. Understand that we are all equal and people no matter our looks. It is important that one day it could be acceptable to tell a black five year old that he can be president or an entrepreneur, just as much as a white one. Or that an African American can walk down the street with a hoodie and not be questioned by the police or possibly even killed. Maybe one day America as a whole will stop the constant racial bias that subconsciously separates whites from black around the world.

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