Analysis Of Elif Shafak 's Views On Cultural Convergence Essay

Analysis Of Elif Shafak 's Views On Cultural Convergence Essay

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Elif Shafak grew up living a life that never lacked widespread cultural diversity. From a young age, Shafak was faced with an ever changing face of scenery, and the many groups of individuals that brought the picture to life. Her talk reveals her continuously growing understanding of the world around her through identifying the “power of circles”, or in other words, how being relative to ones own being and nothing else can result in a lack of hunger for a world so abundant with things and people with the capability to bring the soul alive. Although Shafak brings forth the idea of erasing cultural homogeneity from an educated and well spoken point of view, there are some underlying factors that need to be taken into account when solving an issue that has been around since the beginning of history. To critique the opinions of Shafak on cultural convergence, one may investigate how writing about or representing the culture we are a part of is mastery; while stereotyping a culture based on own experiences is offensive, how culture creates a place of comfort for individuals, and that cultural barriers will remain in place regardless if commuting between languages is a perfected skill among culture groups.
Shafak focuses her talk mainly around the idea that writers are expected to create stories where an image of themselves is portrayed through their writing. A main disagreement she has with this expectation is that if one is surrounded by their “mirror image” for an extended period of time, the magic of life is lost; so while a writer may find comfort within personal experiences, to create fiction reflecting other cultures is a primitive way to continue living a life of excitement, and not dry up from lack of exposure. To critique Shaf...

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... cultural homogeneity through her personal experiences. Although, if one submerges themselves into the true underlying aspects of culture, it is evident Shafak lacks some knowledge of the true controversies that culture convergence would entail. Culture is mastered through learning, from ancestors and the people that are constant within ones life. It creates a place of amenity and comfort, of well being and understanding. Communicating between languages although convenient, will not erase endless history. The hidden messages and practices that are embedded are only understood and appreciated through extensive exposure; living it. Regardless of the fears Shafak voices, culture cannot just be a page in someone’s book. It is ones whole life, the basis for living. Culture is a song to be sung, only by those who can vocalize every lyric with confidence and without haste.

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