Analysis of Eleanor Rigby

Analysis of Eleanor Rigby

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Eleanor Rigby is a story about a 30-something female who lives her life with a very conscious and accepting feeling towards to her complete loneliness. She never goes out beyond her daily work experience, which she begins by counting down to her predicted date of death. This seemingly perfect mirage of a life is broken when Liz receives a phone call from the hospital saying that she best come to the E.R. As she arrives she meets a charming young man who turns out to be her son Jeremy, who she gave up after a drunken one-night-stand in the 10th grade on a school sponsored trip to rome. Soon after being reunited with her son the doctors tell her that he has m.s. and that he doesn't have much time to life. Liz takes him home and begins to care for him, marking an incredible change in her life. As Jeremy's condition declines, Liz's attitude towards life progresses, and soon she finds herself in a journey to find Jeremy's father, and to find real meaning in life.

Eleanor Rigby starts out slowly and in many instances you may be tempted to put down the book, so one may be able to shut distance themselves with Liz Dunn?s seemingly incessant whining. Yet as the novel progresses it is impossible not to feel compelled by the read. Coupland incorporates dark humor that drips off of every page leaving the reader satisfied. At times its hard not to read with a smirk on ones face. Yet the reality of the story is so real and just that the reader will find their minds wandering towards thoughts of the Liz in their life, or the liz in themselves.

The theme is that the prescient knowledge of death exists not to discourage but to motivate one to acknowledge the shortness of life and to exist with the greatness any individual possesses. This is supported throughout the novel by many moments coated with loneliness and sorrow. and these moments seem to permeate all of what occurs. Liz seems to live off of this feeling of intense solitude and use it as an excuse to be mediocre in life. Only when Jeremy is introduced into her life does she begin to take on roles she should have been motivated to do so earlier, and only when his imminent death becomes a pressing factor does she realize why he is not a miserable person.

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jeremy sees his world as short, but still full of opportunity. and he takes complete advantage of that. Liz sees this in her son and then begins to see it in herself. Suddenly Liz's outlook on life morphs into a view of chance opportunity and greatness.

Coupland?s story is told from the point of view of Liz Dunn, in a series of journal entries that jump back and forth into time. These entries reflect the way that Liz revisits her transformation of her person that happened 7 years prior to the beginning of the novel. These entries jump back and forth to her present life, to memories of childhood, to her meeting Jeremy. The reader doesn't necessarily relate to Liz in a complete sense, but one does feel very strong empathy towards her and her situation.

Eleanor Rigby is not Coupland?s most compelling read, yet it still seems to be able to strike a nerve that allows it to fill your thoughts days after completion. Coupland?s characters are a bit far out and take emotions to the extreme, yet the readers relationship with them is complete. when being held under scrutiny, the novel passes for its powerful and clear message that bounds off of every page. although at times the reader can feel a dislike for the characters and there lack of movement. The tale is told as a slow progression and most meaning can only be derived after reading from cover to cover.

The Theme of the book does not serve as a tool to answer questions but rather to keep them popping up. while Eleanor Rigby will not become a persons newest bible. The message it provides is clear and worthwhile. The Plot has its flaws but they are compensated for by the idea of living life to its fullest, and are exemplified by the Change in Liz?s feelings and actions. any person could use this advice to better themselves in life.
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