Essay on Analysis Of Edgar Valdez, Tiffany Ramme And Valerie Gallegos

Essay on Analysis Of Edgar Valdez, Tiffany Ramme And Valerie Gallegos

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Group 1 Interviews
On January 15 of 2016 our class were put in to different groups to get to know one of the other. After doing personal interviews with each other we soon found out many things about each other. In this essay about hobbies, goals and accomplishments I would like to talk about Edgar Valdez, Tiffany Ramme and Valerie Gallegos.
The first interviewed was Edgar Valdez. Edgar is a physical therapy major and is from Glenwood, AR. One of Edgar hobbies is he enjoys playing all sports. In high school he played varsity soccer all four years. This is a hobby that he explained introduced him to new people and let him travel different places. Another hobby Edgar enjoys is being a physical therapy aid. He enjoys working with people with his profession that really doesn’t feel like work it’s something that he would partake in no matter the pay. Some of Edgar Valdez accomplishments are becoming a certified physical therapist aid. He’s in college trying to further his career, but getting the certification is one step closer getting to his goal. Edgar also was the first to graduate in his immediate family and attend college. This accomplishment has made everyone in his family proud and let the see that anything can be accomplished. One of Edgar’s last accomplishments he expressed to me was becoming the best offensive player in soccer in 2013. He spent his whole life loving and playing a sport and felt achieved a lot by receiving such an award. After interviewing Edgar he realized a lot of his hobbies and accomplishment molded a lot of his goals. Edgar’s first goal was to graduate from National Park College by the end of the school year. He is already working in his major now but has to actually finish the physical aid program to...

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...rie’s hobbies consist of crocheting blankets and sewing, this hobby is on that helps Valerie relax and calm down. Another hobby is she loves reading magazines and books. She finds this hobby very therapeutic and educational. Anything that is beneficial to her learning she is willing to do. The last and most important hobby to Valerie is spending time with her family and kids. She grew up not that close to her family so she spends as much quality time as possible with her children.
To sum up this essay about the hobbies, accomplishments, and goals of Edgar Valdez, Tiffany Ramme, and Valerie Gallegos has given me insight on the people in my class. We all found a mutual respect for each as we went to class every day to reach similar goals. There are students that are no different than myself, and this assignment has shown that in many different ways people are the same.

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