Analysis Of Drexel University And Temple University Essay

Analysis Of Drexel University And Temple University Essay

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Drexel University and Temple University are both very prominent schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although both of these school’s offer a variety of majors and opportunities, there are many reasons why an applicant could prefer one over the other. Many things may contribute to what is appealing to a person or not. There are many aspects that contribute to the way these schools are depicted, such as, the colors the universities use are different., the ways they write on their websites, and, the opportunities at the colleges are both different, and the social media sites are used differently. The color and words used on the websites are there as a way of persuasion. The social media accounts portray an idea of what the University would be like. Both these Universities have many of these things to represent their online identities and capture the attention of the possible future students they may get.
The color for Temple University is red and the one for Drexel University is blue. Blue is known to be a color that shows loyalty and trustworthiness. Red symbolizes energy and strength and is more attractive to people. (Parker - n.d.) Both of these colors are appealing and attract people to the websites and keep them interested. (2008, October 28). Both the Universities are trying to draw potential students to them so, instead of a plain dull website they use colors that are found to be attractive to people. The color blue makes Drexel seem more trustworthy and loyal to their students and makes them seem to care about the student more. It shows the students that the school is safe, helpful, and trustworthy place. The color red for Temple could represent how strong the university is and shows competitiveness....

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...ore appealing than the other. The colors the universities use are different., the ways they write on their sites, the opportunities at the colleges are both different, and the social media sites are used differently could all contribute to why one may be more appealing than the other. The two universities use a lot of the same techniques to draw attention from their intended audience. The color and words used on the websites are there as a way of persuasion. The social media accounts portray an idea of what the University would be like, what the environment would be like. Drexel and Temple University both have similar opportunities but the way they are shown through their websites and social media accounts half a huge impact on how people perceive them. Someone who is not from Pennsylvania may not know how it is to live in the city and how these schools are like.

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