Essay on Analysis Of ' Dracula Features Behind The Lines '

Essay on Analysis Of ' Dracula Features Behind The Lines '

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Dracula features behind the lines, the chaos of this gender confusion and one of the main characters, Mina, is a vivid illustration of this. Beyond all, she is the orthodox woman, “Mina indeed acts and is treated as both the saint and the mother…….She is all good, all pure, all true.” (Roth, 31). Since the beginning, Mina has strived to portray herself as the perfect wife and the best potential mother by displaying her motherly instincts sporadically throughout the novel. She is impatient to get married and serve her husband, Jonathan when she writes, “When we are married I shall be able to be useful to Jonathan, and…..write….on...the typewriter.” (Stoker, 62). Without hesitation, she marries Jonathan in Hungary despite his illness and nurses him to health by rushing across Europe; becoming “useful” to him. She did not care that Jonathan was bedridden, neither that he was not exactly in his senses, with his nightmares. In one of her correspondence letter to Lucy, her best friend, Mina describes her ludicrous wedding “vow” to Jonathan, “I had nothing to give him except myself, my life, and my trust, and that with these went my love and duty for all the days of my life.” (Stoker, 116). Though it perfectly models a metaphorical phrase in the present world, Mina literally plans and actually gives up her control over her own life and decides to be a dedicated and serve her husband for the rest of her life. In the last chapter of the book, Mina also becomes a mother and gives birth to Jonathan’s son, Quincey; fulfilling her traditional duty and exhibits “her sweetness and loving care” for her son and makes Jonathan realize about how “brave and gallant” Mina really was. (Stoker, 402)
Regardless of these traditional yearnings, Mina posses...

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... gender roles and their “duties” in a society and the barriers. While, she claims to service only her husband, Jonathan, yet it never was an obstacle for her to expose herself to new technologies (typewriter and stenography) and journey of self-learning and adventures. Her experiences allow her to actually winnow and tie the story together for the “wise” men to follow and then later on traces Dracula and the Vampires and leads to their final fate of an unpleasant end. It is evident that these feats are not the forte of the conventional, victorian woman but rather a powerful, independent new woman. The end of Dracula and the birth of Quincey; Mina’s son in the end of the book are evidence of the positiveness associated with the New woman. Had Mina not possessed the eclectic traits of both the sexes, would the group ever have been able to overcome Dracula’s Vampirism?

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