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Analysis Of Donald S. Whitney Essay

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Biographical Info.
In 2005, Donald S. Whitney began as Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Prior to this, He held a similar position at similar position Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO, for ten years. Whitney is the founder and president of The Center for Biblical Spirituality. Along with this book, Whitney has written a total of seven Christian books.
Summary of Contents
Whitney begins chapter one by describing discipline without direction as drudgery. He says that we must first understand what we shall become. The author notes that 1 Timothy 4:7: “Discipline yourself for the purpose of Godliness” NASB. He reminds the reader of the three primary catalysts God uses to change us. When Godliness is the goal of spiritual disciplines, they become a delight instead of drudgery.

In chapter two, Whitney talks about the intake of The Word. He says that we have to discipline ourselves to read the Bible. The author notes that Bible intake. He says that believers need to commit to at least one way of improving our intake of scripture. This is “a discipline to be cultivated (31).”
Chapter three goes into great detail talking meditating on The Word. The author says that meditation is commanded by God and is done by Godly people in scripture. Whitney also notes the importance of memorizing scripture. He describes the importance of applying God’s word as well. Whitney says, “The Bible promises the blessing of God on those who apply the Word God to their lives. (56)”
Whitney beings chapter four by discussing the discipline of prayer. The author explains that to be like Jesus, we must pray (66). He says that in scripture we can cl...

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... the author tried to break some of them apart instead of maybe grouping them together based on similarities. The thoughts he had regarding some of the ideas could have been better conveyed if they had been left together. However, because Whitney chose to break the disciplines apart the way he did, the reader would have benefited from each discipline being explained more fully so that there would be less repetition.
Whitney succeeded in writing very informative book that calls people towards godliness. The book is thoroughly saturated in scripture, and therefore, both convicts and encourages believers to pursue the spiritual discipline. It is both Biblical and practical help to draw the reader closer to the Lord. Overall, Whitney created a unique book that calls and convicts people to discipline themselves spiritually for the purpose of pursuing godliness.

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