Analysis Of Donald J. Trump Essay

Analysis Of Donald J. Trump Essay

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Donald the Demagogue:
Donald J. Trump, is known to many as the orange man who wags his finger down a long table of celebrities firing them left and right every Sunday night on NBC. To others he is known as the billionaire tycoon, who graces our headlines for remarkably insensitive or oddball remarks. All (not even possibly Mr. Trump himself), at least until now, viewed him as a possible candidate for the next President of the United States. But as polls indicate, and citizens across the country (both moderate and conservative) vote in favor of Trump, he may very well be sitting in the oval office come January 20th, 2017. Whether this strikes fear in your heart, or tremendous hope is beside the matter, no one can deny the fervor and mania Trump has unleashed in the wake of his campaign.
Since announcing his run for candidacy on July 16th, 2015, Trump has risen from an underdog, to becoming the preferred presidential candidate for both moderate and conservative Republicans. From Massachusetts, to Alabama, Trump has won the majority of votes in ten of the fifteen states to hold primaries and caucuses thus far. Where other politicians have risen and fallen, Trumps momentum seems to exponentially grow despite the ever increasing opposition. Though highly inexperienced in the field of politics (having never held a political office before), and extremely controversial, his simplistic but impassioned rhetoric, and showy glamour have forged an unwavering appeal of Mr. Trump and his policies.
Trump is a salesman. Despite preaching hateful rhetoric, America greedily snatches onto every word. He has called Mexicans, rapists, drug mules, and criminals. He has refused to denounce the KKK, and made sexist remarks about Megyan Kelly and Rosie ...

... middle of paper ... that has long been slumbering. Though being compared to Voldemort, Mussolini, and even Hitler, citizens still flock to the caucuses and voting polls in favor of the man because of his confidence. To his supporters he is the messiah, but to many he is the bringer of the second coming. The end of democracy.

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