Analysis Of Disney 's ' Frozen ' With The Song ' Let It Go ' Essay

Analysis Of Disney 's ' Frozen ' With The Song ' Let It Go ' Essay

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With Disney, you cannot feel unhappy. Disney songs are memorable no matter how old you are. The songs the composers create are catchy. Some are annoying but most are catchy and lighthearted. Which helps to create friendships in life. Whether it’s to break the ice or to feel good, a friend you have will not only know a Disney song, but will shamelessly sing it with you out in public. But the biggest thing with these songs are how they connect with our hearts.
Disney songs are catchy. No matter what, even if you hate how annoying the tune or lyric is, it’s almost impossible to forget. The most well known, is Disney’s 2013 movie ‘Frozen’ with the song ‘Let It Go’ sung by Idina Menzel. At first people went crazy for this song when it first came out. But after awhile the song wasn’t as popular in a good way. People started to get annoyed with it and eventually it was forgotten. But I’m sure, even though some people have stopped, you will find one person who still knows the song pretty well. And the same for older, or more commonly known as classic, Disney songs like ‘Hakuna Matata’, ‘Under the sea’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘A Whole New World’, ‘Part of your world’, ‘I’ll Make a Man out of You’, etc. They are very popular, still are today, and very well known to most. Who either has grown up with the movies the songs came with, or just heard the song on Youtube. The tunes are mostly memorable, even when you don’t know all the words you can tell what the song is or where it’s from. Or the lyrics might be more memorable and the same thing still applies. But they are catchy because we perceive them that way. A song can pass you by unless, even when you think it won’t happen, you allow your subconscious mind to take a moment and reminiscenc...

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...ted with them on a personal level. They make us smile when we are having a bad day, and help us have a jump in our step every morning or when we need to cry (because crying helps you release stress) because of all the current events in our lives. Whatever the reason it is for you specifically a Disney song so beautiful will impact you. In your mind, soul and heart.
Disney has impacted us. The songs are very memorable and through adulthood they stick with is. Yes people will get annoyed with the same song playing in their heads over and over. Friendships can form in other ways and maybe the song didn’t impact the person at all. But if you really take time to listen to the music, you will see just how much heart that each song has, whether it’s lighthearted, devious, happy, romantic, etc. A Disney movie can impact you all on its own. But the song will touch your heart.

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