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Analysis Of Disney 's ' Disney ' Essay

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Many of Disney’s original movies such as snow white, sleeping beauty, and Cinderella all present perfect examples of a strong issue that has been the controversy of the 21st century. These movies bring on an obvious trend that even small children could point out. The beautiful girl is stuck in some kind of sad imprisonment(either brought upon by herself or by others) and a handsome prince sweeps her off her feet and saves the day. Which, raises an important question as to why some women wait for their prince charming to come rescue them, instead of putting on their metaphorical belt and boots and clearing their own path to the future they desire. However the trend is not only seen in disney movies but also in our culture today. In which, many have literally no control over the situation that they have been put into.
While examining Disney’s princess movies, we can automatically tell there is a shift as the move, Rapunzel, begins. However, in order to understand this shift and why the 21st century Disney Rapunzel did not wait for her hero, we must first consider Grimm’s version of Rapunzel. In which, Rapunzel follows the stereotypical path of the beautiful girl who waits in the high tower for her prince to come save her. For, Stallman even presents a passage from Grimm’s Fairytale that directly illustrates this stereotype: “Send me a true knight Lord Christ, with a steel sword, bright, broad and trenchant; yea, and seven spans from hilt to point, O Lord”(227). The only way that she truly believes that she’ll ever escape is if the Lord answers her desperate prayer and sends a handsome man to save her. In which we must inquire, why is Rapunzel dreaming and praying for a mighty knight to come save her?
Wherein, Wolfe provides, wh...

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...d Disney’s Rapunzel was able to make her own path to freedom. The wisdom she received from age and culture that she grew up in allowed to her to do so. For, her ‘mother’(otherwise known as the evil witch) allowed to grow up with more of an independent spirit.
The striking realization that we can come to is that no one element can affect why women wait. The trend that many have observed through life, fairytales, and films will always be because of multiple components. Some women just aren’t waiting for a rescuer, but a suitor and some women are stuck in between a rock and a hard place that they actually cant free themselves. As Wolfe states: “girls and women suffer more than boys and men”(280). In which we can reach the conclusion that culture, education, and age go hand in hand in affecting the reason why women wait for their rescuer in fairytales and in real life.

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