Essay about Analysis Of `` Dignity `` By Donna Hicks

Essay about Analysis Of `` Dignity `` By Donna Hicks

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In 2011, Donna Hicks wrote her book Dignity: The Essential Role It Plays in Resolving Conflict. Hicks’ Ph.D. in educational psychology and twenty years of experience in international conflict resolution allowed her to write this text about psychological injuries to a person 's sense of self-worth. In her text, Donna Hicks discusses the damaging effects a negative authoritative figure could have, especially on young children and their dignity. Also mentioned is how impressionable children can be and how those impressions can follow them into adulthood. The author’s intended audience appears to be anyone interested in remedying their psychological injuries and improving their sense of self-appreciation. Hicks’ reasoning for composing this text is to assist others in their relationships and understanding of their own feelings of unworthiness. To accomplish this, Hicks uses many examples to create a sense of pathos, ethos, and understanding for the reader.
Within her piece, Donna Hicks supplies many examples to communicate her position on dignity. The first example used is a personal example that provides pathos . Hicks states that she went to a friend’s son’s birthday party and the son, Seth, got humiliated. Seth’s father told him to “toughen up” while his mother tried to comfort him. The altercation was uncomfortable for Hicks and her husband. This specific example contains both imagery and pathos. The author uses specific words and phrases to set the stage for the reader. When describing the setting of the party, she writes “The dinner table was set underneath a huge maple tree strung with little white lights.” In this sentence, the author uses the words huge, little, and white to aid the reader in forming a mental image of the ho...

... middle of paper ...

... apparent so the reader is not left guessing about its’ significance.
The final example Hicks uses is that of a man who won an award but still felt underappreciated. By including this example, she shows how severe the effects of a low sense of dignity can be. Also through this example, she discusses the steps needed to be taken to overcome a low sense of dignity issue. When she writes this, the reader can tell that Hicks is genuine in her purpose; she wants to help the reader rediscover their true worthiness.
The last two paragraphs of Hicks’ work are spent restating the significance of overcoming dignity issues. She tells the reader of the importance of healing “internal wounds”. The author communicates her purpose so often and clear throughout her piece to get through to her audience. She wants to make sure that the reader understands her text’s purpose completely.

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