Analysis Of `` Daystar `` By Rita Dove And On A Daughter Leaving Home By Linda Pastan

Analysis Of `` Daystar `` By Rita Dove And On A Daughter Leaving Home By Linda Pastan

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As a young mother that experienced post-partum depression, the poem “Daystar” by Rita Dove and “To a Daughter Leaving Home” by Linda Pastan were easy to relate to. Each of the poems successfully represented the positives and negatives of being a mother. Poetry was never exactly my thing; I hated trying to decipher the symbols in poems and never quite understood why it was okay to use incomplete sentences. Dove and Pastan each wrote about their experiences as mothers but stood on completely opposite sides on the emotional spectrum, ironically, I couldn’t agree more with both of them.
I was sixteen years old when I got pregnant. As soon as I saw the plus sign on the pregnancy test, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to experience being a real teenager. The thought of giving up my life and devoting myself to an infant terrified me. I was still in high school and couldn’t support myself, how could I possibly support the growing child inside of me? This was one among many of the questions that I did not have the answers to. I would have to be able to finish school, go to college, and create a stable life for me and my baby. I had to give up numerous friendships and cut back on money I would typically spend to enjoy myself. My dreams of traveling the world had come crashing down. Telling my family that I was pregnant was one of the scariest moments of my life. Even worse was being rushed into the hospital and being handed a life that I’ve created. After reading through the collections of poetry, I was struck by term “Daystar”, which means a brand new day would start, another day would end. He became my light in the darkness. The dichotomy of loving and fearing my sweet baby sums up my experience as a teen mother suffering post-partum depr...

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...t’s a little upsetting to see my child grow up so quickly; however I adore seeing him overcome the obstacles of being young. Now, he can run and communicate with me; although, I miss him being an infant and needing me to rock him to sleep.
As I read through the two poems, I realized that motherhood is one big contradiction. It is the hardest and most rewarding experience I could imagine. Parenting a one year old has been the most exciting, yet depressing chapter of my life. Some days seem to drag on forever, but I know that it is important to stop and realize that one day my son is going to be fully grown and be on his own in this world of conflict. I need to enjoy each moment I have with him while I can. The most important lesson I have learned during the past few months is that time doesn’t stop. Cherish the moments you have rather than mourning. He is my daystar.

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