Essay on Analysis Of David Foster Wallace 's Writing Style

Essay on Analysis Of David Foster Wallace 's Writing Style

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Stemming from World War II, a period full of death and uncertainty, post-modernist literature sought to deviate from the past and create something new. David Foster Wallace exemplified these ideas through his unique style. His writing contained jumbled ideas with copious footnotes and acronyms that he invented. The use of dark irony in his work parallels his psychological troubles, which are also echoed in this image. A dark eerie background surrounds Wallace with his only company being the singular light source to his left. Looking away from the viewer, he appears in a solitary state and disconnected from the rest of the world. By creating this mysterious façade, Wallace personifies his writing style, being unusual and different. His audience enjoys this style, or else they would not be buying his book. To please the consumer, the photographer molds Wallace into what they desire and picture him to be. However, while the photographer made decisions to keep Wallace’s dark nature in some aspects, he chose not to do so for others. This choice was intentionally made to balance the two, not allowing the mystery to completely isolate Wallace from the viewer. Despite its intimidating and mysterious essence, the photographer crafted an intimately raw image portraying Wallace in a welcoming manner while maintaining the presence of his unique contorted mind.
While Wallace’s is disengaged expression paints him as guarded, the way that he situates himself in armchair leaves him to be vulnerable. With his legs apart and arms open, he exposes his entire body to the viewer. This displays Wallace in a casual manner, as if we had just entered the scene when he was daydreaming. His entire body fills the chair, preventing the viewer from seeing a g...

... middle of paper ...

...imself as the viewer’s close friend or family member, therefore feeling comfortable around them. He appeals to the viewer as more relatable, furthering the connection between them.
Due to the unusual contents of his work, the reader must feel comfortable with Wallace. His style and ideas are complex because he is an unusual individual. By presenting himself in this unedited manner, he is giving a visual representation of his jumbled and unique writing. There is a sense of trust between Wallace and the reader, that he is allowing them to see into his mind as long as they are comfortable with questioning and not completely understanding it. This representation of Wallace does this as well, raising questions that no one can answer. Both his work and his picture appear to be dark and intimidating, but by inviting us into his mind we can then appreciate his originality.

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