Analysis Of Daisy Buchanan 's ' The Eyes Of The Men ' Essay

Analysis Of Daisy Buchanan 's ' The Eyes Of The Men ' Essay

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Through the eyes of the men around her, Daisy Buchanan is always seen in several different perspectives based on the way the man around her wants her to be seen. Nick paints a mask of Daisy as his charming “old yellowy hair” cousin, yet her “absolute smirk” makes him feel insecure about the things she tells him (106, 31). Gatsby’s mask for Daisy is created from being in love with the idea of Daisy and the way she was when they were young and in love, which is just what he needs to fulfill his dream. Tom’s mask for Daisy is her as his trophy wife he’s obligated to have and can just throw to the side while he has his affairs. Not only do these men place their own masks they’ve created for Daisy on her, but also dehumanize and victimize her in a way.
So what am I getting at? Let’s start with Daisy’s name: Daisy Fay Buchanan; a daisy is a beautiful white flower with a golden center and fay is a fairy. Daisy Fay Buchanan is a flower in a way, she is white and delicate and she does have a golden center, which she conceals. Daisy Fay can be seen as a fairy because she is small in the way that she doesn’t get to express the way she feels in comparison to the other characters in The Great Gatsby. But Daisy isn’t just a fairy that you can idealize in your head or an object that you can buy to decorate your home with and can just throw away when you have the need for a myrtle; she is a person. Though she [Daisy] is not dehumanized or victimized in extreme ways like scenes in Douglass’ novel where Frederick watches Aunt Hester get beaten or where children are separated from their families; Daisy is left alone while Tom goes to New York to cheat and though Tom doesn’t beat on Daisy we have a scene where Daisy blames him for her bruised finger...

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... social image because nobody knows where Gatsby’s sudden wealth had come from, which provides insecurity and also because she’s afraid that Gatsby could just left again just as he had when they were younger. Daisy is also dehumanized like a slave because she is stripped from her basic human rights; such as having a voice and her own say in things, the men in the novel seem to alter the way she expresses herself. In example, Nick constantly accuses her of being (“charming, but her absolute smirk makes him uncertain about the things she tells him”). Gatsby only looks down on her as and idealizes her as a dream, the missing princess to his huge castle, but not the Daisy that Daisy is now, but the old Daisy; the green light Daisy that will make all of his dreams become reality. And Tom only truly listens to Daisy when Gatsby makes her threaten to leave him in the hotel.

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