Analysis Of Cynthia Montgomery 's ' The Strategist ' Essay

Analysis Of Cynthia Montgomery 's ' The Strategist ' Essay

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In Cynthia Montgomery’s the book “The Strategist”, she explains that becoming a strategist is an essential component of a leader, and this book provides a strategic framework where it is easy to understand. Throughout the book, she emphasizes that a good strategy starts with a strategic leadership, a compelling purpose, and a system of value creation, and she believes that a leader and a strategist in inseparable. I agree with this because a leader guides the company to find its purpose and mission, and this is what a strategist is good at as well. Therefore, a leader should be a strategist who apply strategic management in its corporations or organizations. Throughout the book, Montgomery illustrates many real life examples regarding to the importance of strategy plays in the success of a business, such as Masco’s failure in its expansion through furniture manufacturing. She also emphasizes that a strategist or a leader must understand the purpose of a company exist in order to success. Then, she analyzes practical models such as five forces to help the reader understand how these model connect to strategy as a whole. Her “Strategy Wheel” framework is a viable tool that could help the business leader in developing their strategies. Through many business cases that Montgomery explains such as Masco, Ikea, Walmart and Gucci, these cases are an excellent educational tools that help me understand how strategy work out in the businesses.

Critical analysis

The first chapter of this book starts with a question “Does you company matter?” (12). Montgomery thinks that this is the most important question every business leader must know how to answer. However, many of the leaders not sure how to response this question. Today, many CEOs a...

... middle of paper ...

...s, blue ocean strategy, value chain, and more. The main takeaways for me from this book are that a strategist or a business leader must need to understand why the firms exist and what are their purpose. From my own perspective, I believe that corporations are not tools for generating money; rather, they provide societal purpose and value to the public. Based on this school of thought, successful companies build purposes and the reasons for their existing. Although companies have to meet the expectation for their stakeholders such as providing goods and services to the consumers, increasing its stock price, offering job opportunities, ensuring financial stability, all these expectations centric around one point which is the: purpose. When a firm has a clear purpose about its existence, they are able to form strategies that creates better return to its stakeholders.

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