Analysis Of Cuando Y Donde : The Use Of Multiple Languages Essay

Analysis Of Cuando Y Donde : The Use Of Multiple Languages Essay

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When do we use multiple languages and where are they accepted. The release of the 2015 American Community Survey by the Census Bureau, states there are approximately 25,002,191 households in the United States that speak a language other than English at home (. This translates to 21% of the nation. If 21% of the United States is speaking another language besides English, where are they using these foreign tongues? For on example, the use of foreign languages is culturally acceptable in for the educational purpose of learning an L2 when, of course, the L1 is English. The exact opposite is prevalent for immigrants and those whose L1 is not English. Then, English is pressed upon them in hopes of “correcting a wrong” and replacing the L1. Other uses of bilingualism can be seen in a home setting away from the critical eye of society. Thus, arises the question why is it harmful to a bilingual to be in the critical eye of society? The bilingual individual and our nation as a whole is harmed from the monolingual ideology prevalent in today’s society. We suffer from the loss of a language culturally while an individual suffers both culturally and in terms of economic, social, and political success.


“Spanish was the language of poverty and backwardness in the eyes of some school administrators and many others.” (Tobar 2016) Being bilingual affects the individual and the nation culturally and through loss of culture, individualism, soul, spirit, and diversity, but how the nation sees a bilingual has a great influence as well. In the United States, we see the use of bi- or multilingual...

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...s a whole. The influence of the ideology is even prevalent in media as seen by an article produced by PBS. The article asks “does bilingualism in America threaten the English language?” (¿Habla español?) Such a question shows the radical view of monolingual ideologists and its evidence in today’s society. Supporters also believe foreign language cultures will take over the “American culture” as well as alter the economic and political status of the country. The educational implications argued by supporters evidently contribute the monolingual ideology as well. Our nation supports the use of a foreign language only on English terms, meaning English is the first language. The prevalence of the monolingual ideology in today’s society not only is prevalent but is continuing to develop as the diversity of our nation grows and as our current political situation festers.

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