Analysis Of Cormac Mccarthy 's ' The Road ' Essay

Analysis Of Cormac Mccarthy 's ' The Road ' Essay

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Cormac McCarthy’s The Road intensely reflects on the importance of relationships as a survival tactic and the struggle to exist as a good person in an immoral world. The relationship between the father and the boy is heavily amplified as the father tries to give his son an understanding of the world he was born into. The father abandons his retelling of history or the past to his son. He struggles to decide if he wants his son to intellectually understand the world or rather survive in it? Their relationship can be compared and contrasted to Rick and Carl from The Walking Dead; both father/son groups relate to being the “good guys” in the new world. However, Rick has full-on moral discussions with Carl, while the father in The Road tends to argue with the boy about moral decisions. After the mother takes her life away, the father is forced to take on the role of a single parent. Demonstrated in modern post apocalyptic fiction, women are commonly seen as empowering rather than helpless. In The Road, the few female characters are tragic and temporary. The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games demonstrate women as fighters and include female characters that reflect maternal instincts while the women in The Road are viewed negatively by committing actions against motherhood. Female characters in modern post apocalyptic fiction are quite often independent while The Road female characters seem to have a choice as well, but it is argued that they are portrayed as weak and unsympathetic by making certain decisions. The father in The Road has to endure the father and mother role while he tries to figure out how to survive without letting his son feel free from harm. The absence of women creates a masculine nature where women play insignifican...

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...tinuation of the human race.” Rick from The Walking Dead focuses on the physical aspect of survival; he wants his son and his people to continue to “get through it.” The father in The Road wants more than that. He wants his son to emotionally survive rather than to “get through it.” He wanted to protect his son from the darkness of the world and he believed that he could show him some of the light and beauty that is left in it. The father’s focus is to overcome this new world and create a sense of hope for the son to believe in a better world; he sees that spark of hope in his son. His son is the only reason that helps him fight death, but ultimately, the father does not survive in the new world. The boy has genuine goodness inside of him and after the father dies, “carrying the fire” is his responsibility; the future of the world’s humanity depends on his survival.

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