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Analysis Of ' Compassion And Choices ' Essays

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Compassion and Choices is the leading nonprofit organization driven to helping individuals have their ideal death. In the 1980’s, “Compassion and Choices” was originally known as the Hemlock Society driven to give End of Life care to patients with incurable diseases, then in 2003 became known as End of Life Choices. In 2005, the organization merged with Compassion and Dying to be presently known as Compassion and Choices. Compassion and Choices is the largest organization in the United States and has become a prominent presence currently for they advocate the ideal that patients have the right to die as they choose. Compassion and Choices plans to support the expansion of the End of Life choice movement and make “aid in dying” as an open legitimate option recognized and accepted by medical organization and more states in America. The progression towards these goals has been proven to be going smoothly by the rhetorical appeals depicted in the images generated by the Compassion and Choices’ Facebook page.
Figure 1 depicts young, elderly, males, and females holding support signs and wearing yellow shirts with the Compassion and Choices logo represented as well. Then under the image of supporters there is a declaration of a “Historic Victory” of the End of Life Choice Option Act. Through this image Compassion and Choices makes an appeal to logos that there is a correlation between the growing number of supporters to the progression of their cause being heard and accepted. For those who may not know, September is also recognized as Cancer Awareness month for childhood cancer and the representative color is gold or yellow. The Compassion and Choices logo is imprinted on these yellow shirts thus making an appeal to logos that the orga...

... middle of paper ...

... believes in.
Compassion and Choices plans to support the expansion of the End of Life choice movement and make “aid in dying” as an open legitimate option recognized and accepted by medical organization and more states in America. The progression towards these goals has been proven to be going smoothly by the rhetorical appeals depicted in the images generated by the Compassion and Choices’ Facebook page. Their supporters will continue to demonstrate dedication for the cause they fight for, and Compassion and Choices will continue to acknowledge these efforts. The first image is a shout of celebration and recruitment for growing support and the second image was an acknowledgment to that support. These two images constructed by Compassion and Choices, through rhetorical aspects, will aid in their movement where patients do have a choice when discussing their death.

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