Analysis Of ' Compass And Torch ' And ' Anil ' Essays

Analysis Of ' Compass And Torch ' And ' Anil ' Essays

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Both ‘Compass and Torch’ and ‘Anil’ illustrates the theme of family relationships in numerous ways and we have seen a development of this idea in both short stories. The relationship of the families have been dominate through both pieces and Ridjal Noor and Elizabeth Baines have used different techniques to demonstrate this such as; symbolism, personification and emotive language. Both texts are written in narrative to give the reader multiple perspectives of the events taking place within the text and already from the two titles we can tell the two short stories are distinct but we can also interpret key points from the title. The title ‘Anil’ is the name of the character which indicates that this character is different and special from other characters. Correspondingly, the title ‘Compass and torch’ shows symbolism through the two items and without either objects, the two would be incomplete. Both stories touch upon the theme of connection and upon the difficulties of expressing complex feelings to close family members.
Compass and Torch’ conveys the story of an unnamed young boy, archetypal of any young boy suffering similar situation, going on a male bonding camping trip with his reluctant and disaffect father, enthusiastic of rekindling a strong paternal relationship amongst them which was absent after the separation of his parents. The boy’s mother is together with a man named Jim (the only character named), who is assuring the place of his new ‘dad’. Throughout the story the relationships between the characters fluctuate, leaving the boy confused and infuriated. By the end of the story, it is apparent to the reader that the boy’s optimisms to re-construct the connection between him and his father is inevitable. On the ot...

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...a sense that the bond cannot be re-built. By losing his son and as he become an “expert” at this, it implies that he may still love the mother as he often blocks the pain. The ending of Anil is significant as it’s similar to the Compass and the torch, by means losing their sons. “Apaaa!” Anil cries this from the train as it pulls away and this shows desperation and how important Anil thought of his father even so he was afraid of him. Contrary, Anil’s father feels mutual about losing his son. Noor has does this by using repetition of the phrase “Only son”. The effect of this is to reinforce the idea that, as his only son, he is more valuable. In conclusion both texts accurately execute the passing of the relationships between the characters by uses a wide range of literacy techniques and powerful symbols to reveal deeper meaning and emotions within the relationships.

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