Analysis Of Companies Don 't Go Global, People Do `` : An Interview With Andy Molinsky

Analysis Of Companies Don 't Go Global, People Do `` : An Interview With Andy Molinsky

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There are many effects of culture and conducting business in a global marketplace. As discussed in the article I chose to review, “Companies Don’t Go Global, People Do”: An Interview with Andy Molinsky”
The article I chose to review describes how to adapt you behavior across different cultures. Molinsky mentions that the choice of working globally was more of personal interest rather than an academic decision. The interview describes that adapting to a new culture is not only difficult cognitively but more difficult psychologically and behaviorally. Andy Molinsky mentions he was quick to realize that most academic literature fixates on differences and knowing things at an abstract level does not help you adapt culturally. Molinsky describes in the article that one country will always think and do things differently than another. Molinsky observed the environment and culture when he first started his experience and kept a journal to assist him. Learning the cultural differences is difficult as each culture has their own “organizational behaviors” and you have to learn what the differences are in that specific culture for tasks as simple as speaking up in a meeting or giving an employee performance feedback. Molinsky stated he was more focused on learning how to do these tasks effectively at a micro level and under high conditions of anxiety. Molinsky states there are three stages of approaches in adapting to cultural differences into better-adapted behaviors. The first stage consist of high pressure situations. When an individual is in a high pressure situation and out of their cultural comfort zone one needs to know what the “rules of the game are” and really know what the cultural norms are and how do they differ from your hom...

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...attitudes and gestures within conversations, sensitivities to avoid misunderstandings within the business field. Once one is able to adapt they will also have a better understanding in regards to business aspects such as marketing and negotiations. Becoming well-versed in a culture helps prevent marking errors. Buying behavior and consumption patterns within a country differ from country to country. Negotiations are very important in the business world. Being within your own country is challenging enough to negotiate however the process only becomes more challenging when you are working with other parties from a different country. As review in the article relationship building and trust goes a long way in maintain strong business relationships and continued connections. Understanding the country’s culture assists one in decision making, negotiating, and risk taking.

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