Analysis Of Colin Beavan An Avid Writer And Blogger Essay

Analysis Of Colin Beavan An Avid Writer And Blogger Essay

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Imagine yourself changing your life around without using toilet paper, electricity, and using clean transportation. Colin Beavan an avid writer and blogger achieved this even with his wife Michelle and his infant Isabelle. Him and his family take the extreme measures to create no impact (hence the title) to the world by living simply and taking alternative steps. The reason why I selected this book is because I have tried to make no impact in the environment, but at a small scale. Wanting to see the impact in someone else 's view in a larger scale with a wife and kid is extremely hard. That is what caught my attention. The book focuses its attention on the environment and how Americans can make a difference.

Ch.1- How a schlub like me gets mixed up in a stunt like this:

In chapter one, Colin the narrator and the no impact man is trying to attempt a zero impact on the environment. He will be doing this project with his wife and his baby daughter. Zero impact means he will live “to create no trash (no take out food), cause no carbon dioxide emissions (no driving or flying), buy no products from distant lands (no New Zealand fruit), pour no toxins in the water (no laundry detergent).” So basically living like a caveman. Colin was having an internal conflict about how his “inaction” towards global climate change and changes in the environment was his fault. He stated, maybe instead of blaming the world for its consumer product good and buying materialistic accessories, he 's the one that needs to start the change with himself first. Colin contacts his literary agent, Erik Simonoff, to tell him that he cannot write history anymore. Erik is kind of baffled. Colin makes his point clear and tells Erik that he wan...

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... and running. Which means higher taxes and the prices of water goes up. These corporations want to make their money and they 're going to take full advantage of it. Because of this the rich will only be able to afford the water while the poor will die fast due to the lack of water.
In part of giving back to the environment Colin and his friend Morgen hike by George Washington Bridge to clean the river full of plastics, shirts, aluminum cans, and garbage. Getting closer to the end of the chapter Colin is told by Michelle that he will be expecting another child, although they loose the baby during her pregnancy. He compares the misscarriage and the way the environment is going down a negative slope. He’s overwhelmed with emotions. “ I realize it is not about my despair…There is no my despair on your despair…There is only our despair…But i forget that…We forget that.”

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