Analysis Of Claude Monet And Berthe Morisot Essay

Analysis Of Claude Monet And Berthe Morisot Essay

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Multiple important artist came out of the impressionism era, for example Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Berthe Morisot, ect. Each of these artist are well known and have made a huge impact on the world. They created artwork that was out of their time and really created an “impression”(pun intended). Out of all of the important artist of this time, two really stood out, they were Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot. Monet is one of the most remembered artist of this time, one of his most famous works is Water Lilies. It is a huge, beautiful painting, created with lots of cool tones. Morisot was also well remembered, one of her paintings is In the Garden at Maurecourt. It is quite a bit smaller than Monet’s painting but is equally as beautiful. The two paints have similarities and differences throughout them. Water Lilies and In the Garden at Maurecourt are similar by their colors, era and the medium that they were painted with, even with all the similarities they had some differences like how they focused on different things and how they were painted.
Both Water Lilies and In the Garden at Maurecourt had the same cool tones. The paintings both had lots of blues, greens and purples. It makes sense that these colors are used because the aspects of nature in both of these pieces.The colors bring both of the paintings to a calm state whereas if you were to just look at them, it would calm you down. Even though that most of the colors were cool toned they have a pop of warm tones like yellows and reds. The warm tones added gives both of the paintings a bit of excitement and youthfulness. The colors also had somewhat of a pastel feel to them where they were not bright, so they looked more blended toget...

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...thing to do with her actual life, in Berthe Morisot, it states, “Maurecourt may have been an exercise in nostalgia for the summers she and Edma had spent painting together, however much the company of her sister’s husband and two children might have reminded her of options seemingly foreclosed” (Anne Higonnet 90). This might suggest that she was having problems with her own family.
Since Monet and Morisot came from the same era, their paints were very similar. They both used the best of their abilities to create beautiful paintings and they are very well-known throughout the world. They both used cool toned colors with a pop of warm toned, the impressionism era, and the same medium to create their paints, but differed in their focal points and how they would paint. This allowed them to be great artist that were different from all other artist of this time period.

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