Analysis Of Chris Hedges 's ' Calling All Rebels ' Essay

Analysis Of Chris Hedges 's ' Calling All Rebels ' Essay

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As history is written, people will analyse it. These opinions range from support to the actions taken to extreme disagreement with what has happened. In some cases, people will use this to try and write the next chapter of history. One of these people is Chris Hedges. Since 2007 he has written a multitude of essays that take a deep look at American foreign and domestic policy over the years. His overall conclusion is that there needs to be some sort of revolution in the United States to solve its problems. While I agree with the majority of his analysis, I do not agree with his conclusion. I will examine two of the essays he wrote, to call to attention my specific complaints. I will also be commenting on two of the sources he uses in each essay.
The first essay that will be discussed is called “Calling All Rebels”. This essay, goes into accurate depths of how the American political system is corrupt and now wrought with all the things they claim to fight against. However, the point in which I disagree with him is the idea that working with the government and other corrupt forces to change the system is a form of complaisance that empowers only these corrupt forces. Hedges states “To stand with [the under privileged, depressed] does not mean to collaborate with parties, such as the Democrats, who can mouth the words of justice while carrying out acts of oppression. It means open and direct defiance.” This is false. The real way to take down corrupt power is to use its own systems against itself. Going beyond what these forces deem acceptable is begging for disaster and risks destruction and chaos far worse than what came before. The west is no stranger to seeing the truth of this either. The reason why the United States exists in ...

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..., of an exotic village, or of the whole war itself. Hedges even acknowledges this himself, he says “I blame...our popular war films and books, for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as much as George W. Bush.”
Hedges only references one author in this essay, but this author, Primo Levi, is worth talking about. The fundamental issue with his thoughts about the Holocaust and World War Two is that, it was in fact a moral war. Both sides had large moral stakes in the Second World War. The Allies knew that the Nazis and German war machine would end their ways of life and capitulate their values. The Nazis thought that what they were doing fell in line with a positive set of values. This is because morality is relative to one’s own beliefs and values. If you are indoctrinated, then an idea that is as preposterous as exterminating a culture, will become the right thing to do.

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