Analysis Of Charlie Chaplin 's City Lights Essay

Analysis Of Charlie Chaplin 's City Lights Essay

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Charlie Chaplin created amazing films with his career as a director, screenwriter, actor, producer and musician. City Lights is a story of the tramp who falls in love. He is blown away by the unexpected love affair with the flower girl. He does everything in his power to help her and along the way befriends the millionaire. The story shows the contrasts between the two very different worlds of the rich and the poor. The tramp befriends the damsel in distress millionaire and sparks a friendship where the tramp then sees the lives of both worlds. The mise en scene is a way that shows how different each scene is by the way each character lives their life. Not only in the contrast between the rich and the poor, but also a contrast to happiness verses the unhappy. The mise en scene shows symbols of props that represent how the characters are feeling and what we are suppose to be feeling as we watch what is going on onscreen. Mise en scene is used to tell the story and there are many aspects that come together. The composition, props, costumes, and lighting are all a part of the mise en scene that are used to show how different the two worlds of the rich and poor are.
The set design is a part that visually shows us the difference of how the rich and the poor live. The millionaire is used to show the rich and the blind girl is used to show the poor. When we are first shown what the millionaires house looks like we immediately see expensive furniture, large living space, a piano signifying wealth and everything put together in an elegant way. On the walls you see paintings, elegant drapes, and the floor with an luxurious carpet. The living room is one of the main rooms, but the bedroom is also another set we see. In there is a huge bed ...

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...vie is in chronological order. It is from beginning to end and throughout the movie, a card is shown to tell us what part of the day the scene takes place in. This makes it easy for the audience to know when to picture when each scene takes place. The running time of city lights is 87 minutes. The story time takes place over around 1-2 years. A shot of the calendar is shown, where the months go by and time is fast forwarded through the time that the tramp spends in jail to the future when the tramp is released. The plot time of the move happens over a span of about a year.
City Lights theme, based on the rich and the poor, is shown through mis en scene. The tramp finds himself with one foot in each of these two very different worlds. The set design, costumes, makeup, camera angle and props are all some of the many things that bring a movie together and make it flow.

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