Analysis of Characters in 'Hitcher' and 'Education for Leisure' Essay

Analysis of Characters in 'Hitcher' and 'Education for Leisure' Essay

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Simon Armitage and Duffy both bring their characters to life in ‘Hitcher ‘and’ Education for Leisure’ by using many poetic devices and language techniques; these portray the characters in many different ways.
Armitage uses a strange and unusual structure which makes the poem itself more tense and chilling than if it had a regular structure because it matches with the poem, this adds emphasis to the unusual topic of murder. The poem is split into five stanzas each which adds to the final part of the story.
The poem is in the first person in which give us the narrator’s point of view.
The long and short sentences in the poem builds up tension by making the reader not know were they are in the poem. Long sentences seem to be more comfortable and laid back whereas short, snappy sentences leave the reader hanging. But when both are put together it leaves the reader stranded in the poem and lost in words.
In ‘Education for Leisure’ the narrator uses enjambment to makes it feels as if we are having a normal conversation with the narrator. At the start of the poem the narrator talks abou...

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