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In the beginning of the story, the narrator feels very uncomfortable knowing that he will
soon have to accommodate a visitor, But not just any Visitor, Robert her blind friend. The Narrator and his wife were discussing the fact that she had invited Robert to visit. She worked for Robert ten years ago. Although, the Narrator agreed to the visit, he still expressed how it felt to know that his wife had shared intimate details about herself and the people in her life. These facts made the narrator jealous, considering the fact that she had maintained contact with Robert through two marriages. (94). The Narrator continues to speak in a possessive nature, stressing the fact that she is now his wife, when he speaks of her officer to be and Robert. The Narrator places Robert on the same level as her first husband, who just so happened to be her high school sweetheart (94, 95). On the outside looking in, the reader of this short story would probably say Robert is: insensitive, jealous, affectless, and blunt.
Unfortunately, these terms describe the narrator very accurately, but what we don't know is, why does he act this way with his wife, when it concerns Robert? It is the opinion of the writer of this essay, that the Narrator is only insecure. The relationship that his wife shares with another man is uncommon, regardless of whether or not he is blind. Although, the wife sees her communication with Robert as being harmless, and a means of expressing herself. However, on the other hand, the Narrator sees, hears and understand, that his wife has an intimate relationship with Robert. Although she will never admit it.
It was obvious in the story; the Narrator had already been drinking (96). Even t...

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...e himself in the blind man's shoes. Just maybe, he could experience things from the blind man perspective. Enduring the blind man's idea of an experiment was the first unselfish thing that he had done the entire night.
Although, in the beginning of the story the Narrator was a little jealous of Robert. The relationship that the Narrators' wife shared with Robert was one that he had always longed for.
Although, it is obvious throughout the story, that the Narrators views of blind people has changed, -
from one of which he learned from television, to that of being; one of which he has learned from
experience, with help from Robert. - yet, the story never says if the way that the narrator feels,- ( as it pertains to the relationship his wife, and their guest share) -ever changes. Maybe, there is hope for the Narrator yet .

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