Analysis Of ' Cat 's Eye ' By Margaret Atwood Essay

Analysis Of ' Cat 's Eye ' By Margaret Atwood Essay

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The storyline for many fairy-tales follow the same structure, there is a damsel in distress and a hero is there for the rescue. This simple concept is complexed within many classic novels. Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood shows how overcoming traumatic experiences may transform individuals from their state of despair into a peaceful mindset. On the other hand, Arthur Goldman’s Memoirs of a Geisha focuses on a girl who struggles to navigate through the constant obstacles of life. These two novels demonstrate how the lingering effects of a strained past may impact an individual significantly, yet coming across their own personal saviours allows their destiny to take a turn for the better. The protagonists exemplify a common theme throughout the novels: a feeling of betrayal and a saviour’s guidance. This generates inner strength from within the protagonists which allows them to overcome their respective pasts.

The need for a saviour to help repress damage is often due to betrayal; this is shown by the protagonists. In Atwood’s novel, the most climactic betrayal inflicted on Elaine is when one of her friends, Cordelia, manipulates her to go down the ravine causing her to fall through the ice. This leads Elaine on the verge of developing hypothermia. Elaine looks up to her friends for help but is quickly let down: “I look at the bridge. Nobody is there. They must have walked away. Run away” (Atwood 201). Elaine becomes traumatized by her friend’s disloyalty and shortly after begins to pray that her personal saviour will help her to find strength. Moreover, A Mother is commonly known for her vital role in providing nurture and support for her child. Elaine’s mother is unable to express this aspect towards her daughter when it comes to the...

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...les; this shows how Sayuri has come to terms with her past, demonstrating newfound ability of adversity. Therefore, it appears that those who face struggles in their past are likely to lead their successful lives as they find saviours to guide them.
In conclusion, Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood and Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Goldman portray similar stories of how two females who faced unfaithfulness were slowly able to navigate through their struggles with guidance. The protagonists face a common struggle; that of a cold feeling of betrayal and a saviour’s persistent guidance which removes it. This creates strength from within the protagonists which allows them to overcome their similar yet distinctive pasts. A common thread is found within these books: life seems to be a mere dream; individuals face obstacles, yet wake up in happiness as their worries simply fade.

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