Essay Analysis Of Carrie Underwood 's View Of Surprises

Essay Analysis Of Carrie Underwood 's View Of Surprises

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Despite having all the conditions for a living person, I have not truly live a life. All I did was repeating my routines day by day as what usual people would do. Until one day, I asked her to go on spring break with me in two weeks. Her name is Khanh. From the beginning until now she has brought rhythm into my life, which I needed to actually live. From then I have not been an introverted girl who always watching people and copy their activities silently. She stirred up my mind and made me never stop asking questions. Khanh is full of surprises. In Carrie Underwood’s view of surprises, “God put us here, on this carnival ride. We close our eyes never knowing where it 'll take us next.” If God really put me here, I thank God for letting me meet her instead of put me on a carnival ride. To me surprises mean having Khanh in my life, talking to her everyday, and having her as my friend for years.
Her strength supports, and helps me become stronger everyday. I was just a little girl when I first came to the United States for studying abroad. For many years I was in my parent’s arms without being afraid of anything. Being alone in a totally strange country without any relatives made me panic for a while. Everybody is new face to me. I did not believe anyone, and I ensconced myself in my comfort zone. Khanh was totally on an opposite side of me. She was the leader of our Vietnamese group in my high school. She was energetic, friendly, and she had a really good leadership. At the time I would not imagine being around or talking to anyone like her. I afraid she would overwhelm me by too much unfamiliarity and I was overwhelm already with a new environment, so it was a surprise when I asked her myself to go on spring break with me. Her atti...

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... I depend on other people like her to lift me up. There are times I can see sadness in her, but I do not know what to do. Maybe what makes she sad is also the reason for me to be sad. She covers it so well that I do not want to believe that there is something or someone can put her down. I want to care for her the same way that she cares about me. She helps me so much that I want to do it in the same way to her.
I actually get jealous with someone can stay beside her everyday, and if that is not me. I wish that those people could make her feel happy just the same way she helps me smile everyday. There are times I think that there will be days I cannot see her again. How would it be like if it actually happens. My heart sinks a bit, and my tears are just ready to run on my face like each time I say farewell to her after each vacation. She is more than a sister to me.

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