Essay on Analysis Of Carol Gilligan 's Theory Of Moral Development

Essay on Analysis Of Carol Gilligan 's Theory Of Moral Development

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Carol Gilligan is one of the first to address gender differences in psychology. She argued that the sexes think differently, notably when dealing with moral problems.Her most popular addition to modern psychology was her rework of Lawrence Kohlberg 's theory of moral development. Gilligan challenged that differences were based on social influences and gender attitude, this often disesteemed women 's way of thinking. With her theories of female moral development and decision-making, she focused on studies in both children and college students. While there has been criticism of her works, Carol Gilligan has changed the modern psychology with her feminist views. She has paved the women in the field and the research of psychology
Daughter of William E. Friedman, a lawyer and Mabel Friedman, a teacher, Carol Gilligan was born on November 28, 1936, in New York City. She attended Swarthmore College, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in English Literature. Soon after she attended Radcliffe College to receive a Master 's degree in Clinical Psychology in 1961. Around this time she married Jim Gilligan, a medical doctor-in-training. After obtaining her PhD in social psychology from Harvard in 1964, she earned a teaching position at the University of Chicago, but moved back to Harvard by 1967. During this time she also had three children. It was during her time at Harvard that she worked closely with two of the most influential psychology theorists to date, Erik Erikson and Lawerence Kohlberg.
During her time at Harvard, she began creating and challenging some of her predecessors 's theories and tactics. It was during this time she was quoted,
"I can remember sitting at home, here I am, the mother of three children. Also, whe...

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...o the Conventional stage an individual becomes more responsible and learns selflessness. The Conventional stages primary goal is learning to care for others and not the self. An example of this may be a mother or care giver. The Post-conventional stage transition includes the idea of taking responsibility and gaining control of their own lives. Caring for others is a major key of this stage of moral development and some people never make it to this stage.
In a male dominated field, Gilligan was able to challenge her predecessors to include women in their research of human development. Moral development and other theories were challenged to include female development .Her life and experiences greatly influenced her theories. Carol Gilligan has changed the modern psychology with her feminist views. She has paved the women in the field and the research of psychology

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