Analysis Of Carmax Website : Never Would Have Thought Essays

Analysis Of Carmax Website : Never Would Have Thought Essays

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CarMax Website: Never would have thought

Business objectives and KPIs
The purpose of CarMax’s website is to assist their customers in every way possible. The website is set up to help customers easy find their next car, Location of stores, financing, how to sell ones car, and any other questions regarding vehicles. It is extremely organized site. CarMax is hopping to be the best users friendly website about new and used cars there is. CarMax understands that purchasing a new vehicle takes a lot of time and research. They made their website as easy as possible to find out information on the car, the site practically does all the work. An example of the website making it easy for users to do research on a specific type of car they attached this link at the bottom of their page. The link lets consumers look to see if there have been any problems with a certain kind of make and model of the vehicle they are interested in. This company is able to measure how effective their website is by looking at how many users it has daily to the correlation of users making appointment or going to location to look at vehicles.

Target Market
CarMax is one of the biggest retailer in the United States for new and used vehicles. Being a company that sells previously own and new cars their target market is anyone who has a driver’s license, from 18-75 in age. Having such a huge range of age group using the website it had to be as simple as possible. The consumers who visit CarMax is either looking to buy a vehicle or is wanting to sells their old vehicle. This website is very successful in helping their client reach their needs and wants. If you look at the picture below you will see how CarMax tries to find everyone ...

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.... So even if a customer searches used cars and doesn’t find a link to CarMax they might end up using CarMax because those sites will lead them to CarMax.

Currently CarMax’s KPI’s is using target index, visualizing, frequency and inventory. CarMax of course monitors more then these but these are the main focus. They monitor how long people spend on the site, what inventory most customers are commonly searching for, what the look are most of the site. I would recommend they start to monitor their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to see if them posting information will improve business. Because as of right now this companies social media accounts are not adding any benefit. If they monitor their social media and see that posting can help bring in more clients then it would hopefully make the company start to post more.

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