Analysis Of Capitol Hill Jumping Is The Matter Of The United States Essay

Analysis Of Capitol Hill Jumping Is The Matter Of The United States Essay

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The question that keeps the public in a constant frenzy and the big chairs at Capitol Hill jumping is the matter of the United States and her future endeavors economically. There is one issue that has really sparked an interest in the 21st century, and that is the redeployment of jobs overseas, in other words the globalization of the United States. Now we all hold our own opinions and are entitled to just that, but regardless of where one stands on the political spectrum of things, globalization is happening, and we all have been affected by globalization for the better, or for the worse.
With this in mind, we must ask ourselves if this is the right path for the United States to continue on, or should we re-approach it? There are many instances where individuals let their own selfish gains influence their own opinion on the matter, and try to heave their own partisan belief onto others. It is quite easy to make a statement that as the world grows we become ever more connected through new innovations and more-so the internet. This is why globalization is becoming more relevant than it ever has, and quite possibly ever will be.
So, what is globalization and what does it entail? In a nutshell, globalization is the long-term process of changing from a somewhat or completely isolated nation, into one that is integrated. It is not a process that just happens over night, it requires a sum of international coop in almost every aspect of life. This includes politically, economically, culturally, and even in the exchange of knowledge. While globalization touches on almost every aspect, we as a society usually focus on the economic standpoint, because it has the greatest impact on the United States, a nation that is as culturally integrate...

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...x revenue. This can lead to high levels of corruption in the corporate level, where tax evasion is busted occasionally.
Many countries can face a labor drain. A labor drain is a particular event that will occur within a country with few jobs in a particular field. This is because skilled workers will leave their country in order to find work in large numbers, leaving a miniscule amount to fill the void within the homeland. This occurs because of globalization and its given freedom to travel between countries to find work with fewer barriers. This can become a massive ordeal in countries that fundamentally fund the publics’ education. Many students, the labor force, will leave once they receive the skills and qualifications they need to compete in a global market. Especially when there are better and more lucrative countries to work in that are filled with opportunity

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