Analysis Of ' 130 ' By William Shakespeare Essay

Analysis Of ' 130 ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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First of all, nowadays, the physical appearance is very important among teenagers and young
adults. Usually, they believe that being handsome and beautiful are required in order for someone to
feel that flame towards them. Actually, when someone loves somebody, he/she likes his/her inner side
which is his/her personality and qualities. In both poems, similes are used to put on view the inner side
of each persona 's lover. As result, it allows to show more evidently the personality, the charisma and
the blemishes of that special someone and not his/her physical appearance. In William Shakespeare 's
poem "130," he mentions the way of how the persona 's beloved one speaks. The poet states: "I love to
hear her speak, yet well I know that music hath a far more pleasing sound" (9-10). The poet emphasize
more in one of her qualities which is the way she talks. Even if the sound her voices is not the prettiest,
he likes it. The persona knows that she is not perfect and she does not match with the norms of
society , however he loves her from the way she is, no matter her physical appearance. In addition, in
George Gordon 's (Lord Byron) poem "She Walks in Beauty," he mentions the way of the persona 's
beloved one walks. The persona seems captive with the ways she walks, meaning that even the
manners of someone can induce somebody to fall in love. The poet states: "She walks in beauty, like
the night of cloudless climes and starry skies" (1-2). This quote means that the ways she walks is out of
the ordinary. Beyond that, it means that even someone who does not fit with the typical norms of
society, such as being innocent and pure, can also provoke somebody to fall in love. Sometimes being
different is adva...

... middle of paper ... is special and rare. It cannot be compare to any other love. As well, he does not compare
his beloved one to another woman. The meaning of these verses is that his love his significant because
of the feelings he has towards his beloved one. Also, his love is rare due of the qualities, flaws,
personality and charms that his beloved one possess and they contribute to his significant love. Beside
that, in George Gordon’s (Lord Byron) poem “She Walks in Beauty,” the persona states: “A mind at
peace with all below, a heart whose love is innocent” (17-18). It means that the heart of his beloved
one is innocent. The persona realizes that his beloved is innocent which it includes every
characteristics about her. Such as her personality, her blemishes, her manners, etc. These realizations
allows to stand out more hi/her inner side clearly and more magnificently.

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