Analysis Of Business Specialties

Analysis Of Business Specialties

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Analysis of Business Specialties
Team Achieve identified three different potential types of consulting firms in our first meeting. We have since decided on the strategic model of consultancy. The new strategic consultancy firm will be named Achieve after the team. As a strategic firm Achieve will have the benefit of founding members with varied professional backgrounds. The drawback to the strategic format without a specialty niche is the need for continual refocus of team efforts to ensure the specific client¡¦s needs are met. The goal of Achieve will be to provide the best possible opportunities for growth, development, marketing, research and implementation of their industry specific goals.
The other possible considerations for type of consultancy were a Human Resources type or a Generalist firm. The Generalist firm has the possibility of requiring an increasing number of skills with each new client, while quickly enhancing the skills of the team members. The Human Resources consultancy is a specialty firm that requires specific knowledge of current industry trends in salaries, benefits, affecting legislation, and provision of employee education and training. The nature of the Human Resources firm would require members of Achieve to undertake additional degrees and certifications in that specialty area. It is clear that focusing on strategies that can be applied in all industries will provide Achieve with the best plan for success.
As Harvard School of Business (1999) explained it ¡§a powerful strategy makes a powerful competitor¡¨. A strategy development follows the creation of a competitive advantage organization; this can only accelerate the birth of a global competition innovation. As a strategic consultation firm, we will develop a strategy that benefits your organization¡¦s needs by providing the appropriate path to effectively reaching your goals. Strategy formulation is a combination of research and data analysis, analytical investigative techniques, report writing and personnel management. For some individuals, the idea of developing strategies may be a little overwhelming, but it can be a fun and invigorating process. As professionals we can key select key objectives and appropriate targets, such as people, organizations and laws. Review your resources by understanding your allies and opponents, deciding which tools and tactics to use and the proper time to use them, and monitoring and assessing the results in order to plan for the next step. Our firm specializes in the following:

„Ï examining the organization's critical issues

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„Ï determining how the organization's strengths and skills can be employed to address the critical issues
„Ï analyzing opportunities to synthesize the situation
„Ï exploring and choosing the best approaches for the organization.
One effective method of strategy generation is to list critical issues and or organizational strengths into what we call strength, weakness, opportunity, threat analysis (SWOT). Our firm refers to this tool as a strategy of development. Our firm has had great success with the SWOT along with the different elements and extensive research and data analysis that we collect. Based on the gathered information, we can examine potential problems in a company as well as provide the forecast growth and necessary improvement of your company.
At some point in time, nearly any company can come face to face with a crisis situation which involves communication or in many instances, miscommunication. In some cases this could be rumor control and/or response, negative press or even breakdowns in crisis communication response. Whatever the situation, even the smallest of communication crisis can overwhelm even the strongest of companies.
This is where Achieve would involve its winning crisis communication team in to keep the confidence and trust of key factors (media, employees, management, shareholders, stakeholders, suppliers, etc.) when things suddenly happen to go array, Achieve is about developing strategic plans of action, communication counseling and training in communications with key personnel so that each company can anticipate and respond quickly and efficiently in the face of a crisis situation. We will also address risk assessment, crisis management plan development and personnel awareness training development. Achieve would also identify who is impacted by the decision, which are the decision makers and identify what knowledge or expertise is needed to make a decision. Identify what information or resources currently exist to help with the decision-making process. The expertise of the team members are skillful to accommodate any type of problem or issue that may arise. Once the problem or issue is assigned scheduling of all required resources are executed. Achieve understanding of the different processes and implementing sound critical thinking elements, such as clarity, precision and accuracy will virtually assure flawless execution.
The need for this type of consulting firms is basically practical methods. It is designed to ensure that the results of the action are well developing for the organization client or customers in the organization. It has to do with the clients financial expectations the operational capability, the strategic interest and the long term shareholder interests. The need for use of a strategic firm to a business is the success of avoiding of risk, communication, a measurement that is able to determine if the needs have been met. The strategic firm¡¦s management time and effort is important to the success of the organization.
The needs of consulting firm are improvement of consulting and best practices in supply chain and the individual service for each individual client. These are also some of the needs for the strategy consulting firm. The strategy firm needs to be responsible for its unique market solution as well as analyzing of macro trends, the product that is offered and the business model and clients. Those are the types of need for the strategy consulting firms.
As Achieve prepares to undertake the formulation of a strategic consulting firm we focus on the skills we possess, the skills we must acquire, and the services we will provide for our clients. Achieve is made up of five professionals with strong, varied professional skills. This enables us to apply these skills to all industries and develop appropriate strategies for our clients. According to the Management Consultancies (2006) website; companies hire consultants to provide them with skills they do not possess. Achieves members possess a diversified skill set that would please any client.

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