Analysis Of ' Brown 's Ted Talk Brought The Audience Through Her Realization That Vulnerability

Analysis Of ' Brown 's Ted Talk Brought The Audience Through Her Realization That Vulnerability

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Brene Brown’s TED Talk brought the audience through her realization that vulnerability is a necessity. Her talk was a perfect reminder of why vulnerability even exists and how it is incorporated differently in everyone’s life. The ability to access vulnerability is difficult as it a test of one’s eagerness to put themselves out their in the world. While it may seem impossible at the moment to expose themselves to the truth, it is even more rewarding than one expects. During a Skype session with Jeanine Minge she expressed that people’s lack of vulnerability, specifically during ethnography, there might be an attempt to hide from the world. Vulnerability, as Brene Brown says, is the key to joy, creativity, and love. If so, what are people so afraid of? While it differs for everyone, the crux is that as a society we avoid shame, fear, anger, and sadness at all costs. I appreciated Brown’s expressed that one of the most important lessons she learned through her research was that “those who really have a strong sense of love and belonging, are those who believe they are worthy of love and belonging”. This statement is not something that has occurred to me over the past few months I have been studying vulnerability. It is one of those sentences that transform individuals’ perception of themselves and inspire people to first and foremost love themselves. Brene Brown brilliantly dissects the word “courage” by explaining that it is based on the Latin word “cor” meaning “heart” and that courage allows an individual to tell the story of who they are with their whole heart; it allows them to embrace imperfection that comes with being vulnerable. Brown emphasis on the necessity of vulnerability proves that it is a topic that should continue ...

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...retty much takes the individual out of the picture. There is no mediation of the confession and it’s a live community occurring in real-time. Using PostSecret acknowledges something that is troubling while protecting the person from consequences that might come otherwise. However, I still feel that there are consequences to using the app as a platform for confession. Hyde’s analysis of PostSecret provides ways in which it is outcomes are positive and negative. It is important to remember that each confession has a time and a place to be expressed. PostSecret provides a place for confessions, but sometimes it is not the right time. I admire that Hyde recognizes that the “courage of a confession is therapeutic”. Not only is the act of confessing therapeutic, but an individual’s willingness to get to that place where they feel comfortable and “ready” can be beneficial.

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