Analysis Of Boyz N ' The Hood Essay

Analysis Of Boyz N ' The Hood Essay

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Coming from a middle class family, I have always had a sense of awareness about money. From a young age it was brought to my attention that, ultimately, the more money you have the nicer life you can afford. Although I questioned whether or not money can buy one happiness--it became evident to me as I grew up that-- it can provide one with a better quality of life. I have seen Boyz n’ the Hood numerous times, but I did not realize the significance of it until recently. Boyz n’ the Hood accurately shows how hard it is for a person to escape an impoverished lifestyle when they are born into poor circumstances.
Boyz n’ the Hood is an accurate depiction of life in Los Angeles. The movie informs people on the realities of the dark side of Los Angeles, that life is not always a beach. While watching and analyzing the movie, it became more apparent that people who live in low income neighborhoods hold a strong resentment towards people who live more affluently-- that they, essentially, blame people with money for their plight. The guiding question for my research was “How do gangs, violenc...

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