Analysis Of ' Boy Princess ' And ' Wandering Son ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Boy Princess ' And ' Wandering Son ' Essay

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Manga and the Intended Audience: An Analysis of the Gender Diversity in Boy Princess and Wandering Son

This literary analysis will analyze the theme of gender diversity in the characterization of individuals that have to adapt to stereotypical heterosexual orientations in Boy Princess by Seyoung Kim and Wandering Son by Shimura Takako. In Boy Princess, a young prince must pretend to be a princess (after the real princes has eloped) in order to fulfill a marriage commitment by his father, the king. Kim’s (2006) text defines the intension of influencing the audience into accepting gender diversity in the various roles that the prince plays when he pretends to be a girl. This is also true of Shimura’s (2002) manga story in Wandering Son, which defines the feminine qualities of a young boy that wants to become a girl. These stories define the intent of informing the reader that gender diversity is an acceptable option to the common stereotypes of heterosexual norms in Japanese society. In essence, an analysis of the theme of gender diversity in the defiance of heterosexual gender roles as a way to convince readers of the acceptability of differing gender roles in Boy Princess by Seyoung Kim and Wandering Son by Shimura Takako.
In Boy Princess, Kim intends to inform the audience (mostly teenagers) of the potential for gender diversity in the context of a predominantly heterosexual Japanese culture. In this story, a young prince has been forced to dress up like a princess to fulfill a martial promise that broken by his sister, the princess. In this embarrassing situation, the prince must learn to accept his duty and follow his father’s commands. The plot describes the initial struggle of the prince to behave like a girl, which is c...

... middle of paper ... shows Kim’s (2006) intention of informing the audience of the validity of gender diversity. In Wandering Son, Shuichi’s desire to become a girl is counted by Yoshiko’s desire to be a boy, which allows them to nurture and support each other’s gender choices. Shimura (2002) informs the reader that Shuichi and Yoshiko are examples of gender diversity, which should be tolerated in opposition to teenage heterosexual stereotypes of male and female behaviors. These manga stories define the underlying theme of gender diversity as a way to inform the reader of the different gender roles that male and female boys can enact in a predominantly heterosexual culture. Kim and Shumira presents important scenes that show the interaction of gender diversity as defined in the characterization of individuals that choose to oppose heterosexual gender norms through the medium of manga.

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