Analysis Of Box Behnken Response Surface Methodology Essay

Analysis Of Box Behnken Response Surface Methodology Essay

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The results of 13 offered formulations by Box–Behnken indicates that regarding P-value < 0.05, the offered model of the Box–Behnken response surface methodology in all four dependent variables was significant (Table 8). The model in all dependent variables – except for friability which is a function of quadratic model – follows linear model according to the Analysis of variance (ANOVA). Statistically significant
coefficients (P < 0.05) were only retained in the equations. The relative influence of each variable on the responses can be signified by the magnitude and sign of the main effects. The results of all four responses are summarized in Table 9.
Percentage of DEX released after 1 min (Y1) in 13 ODT formulations varies in the range 50.8%-97.6%. As regression coefficients and Figure 1 show, by increasing three independent variables, the cumulative percent of the released drug also increases with a high degree of correlation. Three dimensional response surface and contour plots offer graphically the significance of regression equations and presenting minima and maxima. Different colour regions demonstrate the variation in values. ANOVA test reveals that only the effect of X1 and X2 are significant. The following equation shows the relationship between dependent variables with percentage of DEX released after 1 min (Y1):
Y_1=24.263 +1.560 X_1+0.766 X_2+1.489 (6)
All ODTs released over 90% drug at the end of 10 min (figure 2). X1 and X2 are Kollidon CL-SF and Pearlitol 200 SD concentrations, respectively and as can be seen in equation 5, have positive effects on dissolution rate. Kollidon CL-SF helps dissolution process and especially improves dissolution rate of practically insoluble drugs due to narrow particle si...

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... physical properties of Copovidone such as particle structure and size which can influence the hardness and give hard tablets. The highest tablet hardness was achieved at 15% Kollidon, 45% Peralitol and 5% Prosolv concentrations.
In the last variable (Y4), which studies the friability of the tablet as shown in the response surface and contour plots (Figure 5), with increasing amount of Kollidon SL-CF (X1), friability decreases, but increasing Pearlitol SD 200 (X2), in low level of Prosolv, friability increases and in high level, friability decreases. The same trend can be seen in X3 variation at low and high concentrations of X2. Following equation shows the relationship between dependent variables and friability:

Y_4=1.635-0.047 X_1-0.072X_2+0.089X_3-1.500 E-004X_1 X_2-8.000E-004X_1 X_3-1.700E-003X_2 X_3+1.900E-003X_1^2+1.150E-003X_2^2-2.800E--003X_3^2 (9)

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